Is Travis Kelce retired?Chiefs TE sheds light on NFL future with injury issues

It would be a travesty if Travis Kelce couldn’t become a first-ballot selection for the Pro Football Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible. After all, he has built an impressive resume worthy of gold jackets and bronze statues. In addition to his two Super Bowl defeats, he was a seven-time All-Pro (four first-team selections) and an eight-time Pro Bowler.

He also holds the record for most seasons by a tight end with 1,000 yards (seven) and 100 catches (three). With nothing left to prove, his legacy will be immortal once he retires as a football player. While there’s no clear timeline for what will be his 11th NFL season, he keeps thinking about hanging up his shoes.

Travis Kelce considering retirement more often after 10 years in pro football career

In an article by J.R. Moehringer of the Wall Street Journal, Travis Kelce Admitting that as a player he often considered leaving the game, “more than anyone would have imagined,” his injuries and subsequent surgeries were the biggest reasons he considered retirement.

Kells said:

“It’s the only thing I’ve never really been open about, the discomfort, the pain, the lingering injuries… I’ve had 10 surgeries and to this day, I still feel it every time.”

Travis Kelce missed out kansas city chiefsHe suffered a knee injury in the 2023 season opener against the Detroit Lions. He also suffered a low ankle sprain in Week 5 against the Detroit Lions. minnesota vikingsBut that’s just part of his extensive injury history.

The former Cincinnati Bearcat underwent microfracture surgery on his knee during his rookie season. Three years later, he had surgery to clean up his shoulder. He also received treatment for concussions in October 2017 and January 2018. Kelce also experienced rib and neck injuries at various points in his career.

Last April, Kelce shared with Bleacher Report’s Scott Polacek that he wasn’t considering leaving football for good. But as the 2023 season continues, his perspective has changed. Despite the change of mind and heart, his retirement didn’t happen any time soon because of his love for the sport.

As his therapist Alex Skacel shared in the same Wall Street Journal article, Kelce was convinced he wasn’t getting enough exercise during his trip to Paris Fashion Week Feel guilty. Scarsell told Kelce to run, but the All-Pro tight end turned to him. While most people in Paris were sleeping, he ran a mini-marathon.

Travis Kelce’s retirement life is full of hope

Only he knows when he is ready to leave football. However, it’s worth noting that his four-year, $57.25 million contract expires after the 2025 season. The deal allows him to play for two more years after this season.

Spotrac estimates that when his contract expires Travis Kelce He has earned more than $107 million from football wages, not counting the millions he has earned from brands like DirecTV, Nike, Bud Light, State Farm and Pfizer.

He’s also made good investments with his own money, and in addition to recently buying a $6 million mansion in Kansas City, he’s also invested in the Alpine Racing Team, a Formula 1 racing team. Patrick MahomesKelce is also an investor in RealTruck, PlayersTV and Cholula Hot Sauce.

The Ohio native also founded an emerging media venture with his brother through the New Heights Podcast, philadelphia eagles center Jason KelceSo Travis Kelce will have a life beyond helmets, pads and cleats.

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