Caitlin Clark shot during great March Madness performance with help from mobile screen

CLEVELAND — Caitlin Clark spent the final 40 minutes trying to claim the crown as sports queen with 40 minutes left.

If you’re not lucky enough to dig into your pockets to find a seat inside Rockets Mortgage Arena to watch Caitlin Clark try to take down the game, sit in front of the TV 36-0 South Carolina powerhouse If she does, consider this conversation the GOAT of women’s college basketball.

Sometimes, luck is more important than excellence, and a controversial and Aaliyah Edwards’ mobile screen sparks controversy with 3.9 seconds left At that time, the University of Connecticut had a chance to get out of trouble; Jean Gino Auriemma looked livid and bit his tongue The Huskies suffered a devastating blow and understandably resisted the feeling that “our Uzis were robbed.”

Pass stolen by Hannah Stuelke. UConn called timeout. 9.3 seconds left. Iowa 70, UConn 69.

Then there’s “Call of Round Storth”.

“There’s no one game that wins a basketball game or loses a basketball game,” Paige Bueckers sobbed as the season ended.

The move helped propel Caitlin Clark, the sport’s focal point and TV viewers’ choice, into the national championship game.

Caitlin Clark celebrates with teammates after Iowa beat UConn 71-69 in the Final Four. Getty Images

Clark was denied a title shot a year ago and now he’s making a comeback.

She’s not superwoman on friday night Iowa State beats UConn 71-69 in Spittingrad, she will have to be Superwoman in the final 40 minutes of her record-breaking career. She even missed the second of two free throws on Stowers’ call with 3.9 seconds left, luckily Sidney Affolt forced the ball on the rebound.

She may have to play the best game of her life for Iowa State to survive against Dawn Staley’s South Carolina juggernaut.

Clark once again has her Iowa supporters cheering her on in games against UConn and Bueckers as she tries to push her to the top of women’s college basketball on Sunday starting at 3 p.m.

The stadium was filled with little girls wearing No. 22, but not that little girls.

Aaliyah Edwards called for illegal screen in final seconds of UConn game
Lost to Iowa State in the Final Four. screenshot

Larry Bird lost to Magic Johnson and Michigan State in the 1979 NCAA championship game, but that didn’t stop people from calling him Larry Legend ).

Caitlin Clark’s intoxicating on-court talent, the way she elevated her sport on her own terms, and her embrace of the role of an inspiring role model ensured her legendary status as she took her talents to the WNBA .

But if you’re looking to challenge your legacy by winning a championship, Caitlin Clark can take the throne for the final 40 minutes.

In a way, she’ll be Eli Manning, looking to end Tom Brady’s perfect Patriots season.

Clark wasn’t the nation’s favorite shooter tonight. She was surrounded by Nika Muhl and had a help defender at the ready. She went 3-for-11 from the field and 0-for-6 from the field in West Des Moines. She had three turnovers, four assists and six points in the first half, finishing with 21 points on 7-for-18 shooting (3-for-11 from 3-point range), along with nine rebounds, seven assists and four turnovers.

Caitlin Clark drives Paige Bueckers during Iowa’s Final Four win over UConn. Getty Images

“They did a great job guarding me,” Clark said.

Auriemma cuts off the snake’s head. The Huskies made her give up the ball. Her pass was rejected. A lazy pass from Sturke was intercepted by Edwards. Iowa State trailed by nine points. Caitlin Clark scored two points with 6:41 left before halftime, including a layup in the opening minute.

UConn’s defense wore her down and rattled her teammates.

The Iowa crowd sat frozen in shock.

Supergirl needs to show up, and show up fast, to save the season. Supergirl didn’t appear so quickly.

Caitlin Clark (left) celebrates with teammates after Iowa State’s Final Four victory. Zach Boyden Holmes/The Register/USA TODAY NETWORK

Her three-pointer from the left wing early in the second half had Hawkeye fans waiting for an explosion.

Her three-pointer from the left wing whizzed down in front of the Iowa bench, was fouled and made a free throw, with the Hawkeyes trailing 44-43.

Hence the hubbub that Iowa is creating for its heroine.

She got more help than usual from her teammates, especially the even-tempered Sturke, who came into the game on fire (23 points) and often missed the ball.

“With just one player, we wouldn’t be here,” Clark said.

Well, sometimes there’s only one player and it’s her.

Now in the fourth quarter. Iowa State 51 points, Connecticut 51 points.

Winning time.

Clark recognized it now.

Clark hit a three-pointer behind her.


She drove to the basket and was fouled. Made both free throws. Hit the jump shot. Missed an ill-advised sign 3. Deflected and stole the pass, sending Sturker for a layup.

As it turns out, that’s enough, just barely.

She lost the ball and Bueckers hit a 3-pointer.

A killer mobile screen saved her and her season.

Caitlin Clark will be the underdog this time. she’s fine. She got the last 40 minutes. This is what she wants. No matter how she got it.

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