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apple Updated App Store rules Friday allowed retro console game emulators around the world to offer the option to download games. However, the company warns that developers are responsible for ensuring they comply with copyright rules.

Android users can already access a ton emulator Playing old classics on their devices. Apple’s update may encourage some of these developers to bring their emulators to the App Store.

The company said these emulator apps must use in-app purchases to offer digital goods.Apple must adjust App Store rules due to regulationssuch games will provide the company with another revenue stream.

In January, when Apple published its first set of rules to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules, the company It was also announced that it will allow global streaming of game storesIn addition, it also updated the App Store rules at that time to support in-app purchases of mini games and AI chatbots.

Apple also updated the terms on Friday to provide plug-ins for mini-apps based on HTLM5, which may include services provided by super apps such as WeChat.

Applications may provide certain software that is not embedded in binary files, specifically HTML5 mini-applications and mini-games, streaming games, chatbots, and plug-ins. In addition, the retro console emulator application may provide game download services,” the terms say.

Last month, when the U.S. Department of Justice sued Apple, Crack down on super apps That’s one of five points in the lawsuit about the company’s monopolistic behavior.

Another major update to the rules will allow music streaming services such as Spotify to display information about subscriptions and other digital purchases and include links that direct users to their websites to complete purchases.

Last month, Spotify Submitted an update in the App Store to show pricing information to EU users, but weeks later still haven’t received any approval from Apple. Apple’s latest rule refresh could pave the way for Spotify to upgrade its app in the EU.

We’ve reached out to Spotify for comment and will update this report if we hear back.

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