12 Hinge Tips and Answers: Fun, Smart and Successful

Francesca Bond

Relationship Editor

Francesca Bond

Relationship Editor

Francesca Bond is Mindbodygreen’s Relationship Editor.

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March 13, 2024

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Finding ways to distill our personalities into brief online profiles is only going to become more important, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We are complex people with a wide range of interests, emotions, and desires—how can one person see all of this just by scrolling through our dating profiles? They can’t, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use prompts to do our best to communicate what’s most important to us.

Why hinge tips are important

In a dating profile, pictures can only tell so much.

Through words, you can provide a sample of your sense of humor, your interests, and what you’re looking for in a match.

arrive Hinge’s Guide to Distraction-Free Datingdeveloped by behavioral scientists and dating coaches Logan Urie (who also happens to be Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science) and a practicing therapist Mo Ali Brown, LMFTyou should be clear about the type of connection you are looking for in your profile and when you match with someone.

hint Providing you with the opportunity to share exactly what you are looking for in a match. If you want a long-term monogamous partner, a casual relationship, or someone interested in ethical non-monogamy, try to find a way to express this in your profile. After all, it’s possible The worst that can happen is someone removes you from your profile, but if you don’t align with what you’re looking for, that’s probably the best outcome.

If having a lot in common with your partner is important to you, make your interests and hobbies public on your profile. Maybe you love playing board games and are looking for someone who’s willing to spend a lot of their free time playing Dungeons & Dragons with you – that’s exactly what you can find by using Hinge tips.

Also, don’t be afraid to be yourself in your dating profile. This is not the time and place for diplomacy. You are looking for your people.Use your Hinge prompts to share your opinions, boundaries, beliefs, and maybe even an embarrassing photo according to a dating coach Samantha Pillsbury.

“Your imperfect image should be the perfect version of you. It gives you the best chance of meeting people who are truly right for you, and helps you weed out people you might have eliminated on the second or third date. Pillsbury Previously written for MindbodyGreen.

Honest Hinge Tips and Answers

If you have any questions, you can ask me…

To answer this prompt, just think about the topic you really want to be asked about. For example:

  • murder mystery books
  • hip hop music
  • baking

The green flag I’m looking for

What kind of partner are you looking for?Think about it green flag As opposed to red flags – good signs that your pairing will meet your needs:

  • You spend time with your family every week.
  • You call yourself a feminist.
  • You have a passion for the outdoors.

When I feel most supported

Use this as an opportunity to open up about your needs in relationships.If someone doesn’t meet the requirements, you probably don’t want them to match you in the first place:

  • My feelings were heard.
  • You work hard to make me feel seen.
  • I am an equal partnership.

I know the best spots in town

This is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and, you guessed it, communicate another one of your values. What kind of food do you like? Are you a coffee snob? Do you go to a museum every weekend?

  • live jazz
  • black coffee
  • dessert

The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done

Maybe your photos tell one story, but you want potential matches to know that you include multiple stories. You can subvert expectations with this tip. Share something people might not think of when they look at you:

  • Hike to the top of a local mountain
  • move to another country
  • Change career

Interesting Hinge Tips and Answers

my best dad jokes

Love them or hate them, Dad Jokes are great for a good laugh. There’s no shortage of dad jokes on the internet, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What did the tree say when spring finally arrived? What beautiful leaves!
  • What sandals does a frog wear? Open the toad.
  • When you die, your pupils are the last part to stop working because they dilate.

My most irrational fear is ()

Not to downplay your fears, but this tip provides a great opportunity to make fun of yourself. Pick a very irrational fear that actually is kind of funny:

  • Be one of those people who dies while taking a selfie
  • Participated in a reality show and was immediately rejected.
  • Fall in love with ChatGPT

My friends ask me for advice

It doesn’t matter if you’re actually the go-to advice guru in your circle of friends. You can still answer this prompt in a funny way. Try taking this prompt less seriously and respond with your sense of humor:

  • Make facial adjustments to photos
  • Where to start with Taylor Swift conspiracy theories
  • How to boil water

Most Popular Hinge Tips and Answers

The way to win me is

This is another opportunity to share your values ​​and help your potential partner understand how they can make you happy:

  • Clear and honest communication
  • If things get serious, delete this app
  • Showed me a fun time

my simple happiness

Use this tip to reveal something intimate but not too vulnerable about yourself:

  • Take a walk to the coffee shop every morning
  • Light a candle and read a book at the end of the workday
  • Identify bird calls while hiking

i’m crazy about it

This prompt can be interpreted in many ways, so be creative with your answer:

  • People who value communication as much as I do
  • Those who stay up late 😉
  • golden retrievers

together we can

This is where you can express the type of relationship you’re seeking, whether it’s a monogamous relationship, a casual fling, or a polyamorous partnership:

  • Realizing our hopes and dreams
  • Raise happy children one day
  • keep each other company for a while
  • practice Compare (Celebrating each other’s happiness)

Have a date?Here are some things to remember


Be present during the date (and don’t use your phone)

Just because you use your phone to get dates doesn’t mean you should use your phone on dates.According to Hinge, 78% of Hinge dates feel like Their date is not interested in them If they spend time on their phone during the date.


open it a little


Do something fun together

Sure, you can have a drink or coffee, but what if you do be more creative? Try going to a flea market to find unique treasures, or take a guided tour of your city, or take dance lessons. Your date will be more memorable and at least break up the monotony of the date.


dating apps Provide an opportunity to meet people outside your immediate circle and start a relationship on the same page.However, achieving a perfect match is not easy, so try to open up about your feelings, needs, and opinions to help you Find someone who is compatible with you.

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