Zack Snyder assembles a ragtag team in Rebellious Moon trailer

Zack Snyder brings the gang together in new trailer rebel moonhis Netflix space opera is like Star Wars meet the great seven.

In the film, a mysterious woman named Cora (Sofia Boutella) assembles a ragtag team to defend a peaceful countryside from evil imperialists who Wanting to take away their food and starve them.

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According to the synopsis, Cora is on a mission to find warriors willing to risk their lives to defend the people of Wilt. Cora and Gunnar (Mitchell Huisman), a kind-hearted farmer, are wary of the realities of war. The innocent travels to different worlds in search of Blood Ax, and gathers a small group of warriors with a common need for redemption along the way: Kai (Charlie Hunnam), a mercenary pilot and gunner; General Titus (Jermain Hansu), a legendary commander; Nemesis (Bae Doona), a female sword master; Tarak (Staz Nair), a prisoner with a legitimate past; and Milius ( E. Duffy), a resistance fighter.

“I am a child of war,” Butera’s protagonist says in the three-minute trailer, “and I will find warriors to fight with us.”

The cast also includes Ray Fisher, Fluffy, Ed Skrein, Cleopatra Coleman and Anthony Hopkins, who provide the voices of the robots.

rebel moon is part of a two-part story. son of fire Set to arrive on December 22nd, part two is titled cutterlaunched on April 19, 2024.

Snyder initially approached the project as a potential Star Wars The feature was launched a few years ago before being transformed into an original IP.

“This is how I grew up as a Kurosawa fan. Star Wars fan,” Snyder told hollywood reporter 2021. “It’s my love for science fiction and a huge adventure. I hope this also becomes a huge IP and a universe to build on.”

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