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Today, we take a look at how YouTube’s new AI rules will (and won’t) affect podcasts, another late-night host ditching TV for audio, and some tips for covering Israel’s war with Hamas on your podcast .

What do YouTube’s new artificial intelligence rules mean for podcasts? Has little effect.

This morning, YouTube released new terms regarding artificial intelligence-generated content on its platform. edge Colleagues Mia Sato and Nilay Patel report that the company is creating two-tier system It regulates such content by having a strict set of rules for music and a looser, nearly unenforceable set of standards for everything else (including podcasts). For creators who use AI to create podcasts, and for people who may find AI-generated voice clones online, there are some new rules to follow.

First, podcasters that use “real” artificial intelligence to generate (or alter) content must label their videos as such.This is already happening with some large podcasts using artificial intelligence, e.g. Joe Rogan’s Artificial Intelligence Experience, but this is generally good practice, so there’s no harm in asking people to do it. Even with the label, though, people can ask YouTube to remove “videos that simulate an identifiable individual, including their face or voice.” It’s then up to YouTube’s discretion whether the content counts as satire or whether the person being copied is a public figure And other factors. Music, meanwhile, is no exception, as YouTube needs to keep record labels happy (the podcast lobby has less clout, if you can believe it).

The guidelines, due to be rolled out next year, come without any real legal framework for dealing with AI-generated content.Although this does appear to be an attempt by YouTube somethingits effectiveness is necessarily limited—and the lack of clarity may lead to some confusing and inconsistent enforcement decisions.

“It doesn’t have the force of law and doesn’t have the advantage of doing it in public,” said Emily Poler, a lawyer who handles copyright infringement cases. “In some cases, it’s really difficult. [for YouTube] make principled decisions, and those [decisions] “I don’t think that’s a recipe for success.”

Moderation on these platforms was already a mess before artificial intelligence stepped in, with each platform taking a different approach.While Spotify is quite forgiving (and even encourage! ) In AI Spoken Content, Audible has comprehensive rules for AI-narrated audiobooks. YouTube seems to be trying for some middle ground. I’m curious to see how the new AI rules will play out when they are put in place. Always, if you notice anything strange, come to me.

Another former late-night host turns to podcasting

last year in Los Angeles Hot Pod Summit, we held a panel discussion with the Coco team on the premise that as late-night shows lose relevance, their hosts will (much like Conan O’Brien) transition to podcasts.Since then, Trevor Noah has left daily show and enter into an agreement with Spotify, and James Corden left late night show and will soon launch a show in partnership with SiriusXM. Now another former late-night host has struck a deal with the podcast: Daniel Tosh.

tosh show iHeartMedia’s show is refreshingly not a celebrity talk show, and that makes sense! Tosh.0 It was popular at the time because it was a departure from standard late-night programming, tapping into sleazy YouTube culture rather than featuring fluffy interviews with the rich and famous. If you’re too young to remember or too old to care, it’s a big deal circa 2009-2012. (Sidebar, I was really shocked to learn Tosh.0 It doesn’t end until 2020).Since silly internet videos don’t quite translate to podcasts, Tosh’s first interview was his wife’s gynecologist. respect!

Who will be next in the night? I’m bullish on Jon Stewart, whose Apple TV Plus show was canceled last month. Podcasts have always outperformed shows, and it would have been relatively easy to continue without Apple’s support.

Your Israel-Palestine Conflict Podcast Recommendations

you will definitely like hot pods Audiences always come with suggestions. After I put out an open call for suggestions, a few of you suggested shows that dealt with this extremely complex conflict in nuanced ways. I had a chance to listen to some of the shows and returned with a few that I hadn’t listened to. Haven’t tuned in for a while. check:

  • The Ezra Klein Show, Every Think again Host Jason Goetz (along with the Vox staff, and various members of my family).This is a top choice for a reason: Klein has devoted several episodes of his show to exploring the conflict from different angles, including an excellent episode In it he spoke with pollster Amani Gamal, who conducted a poll in Gaza a week before the attack. Spoiler: Gazans don’t view Hamas favorably.
  • israel story, As recommended by Podglomerate CEO Jeff may remember Israel Story—— This is basically Israeli This American life—— when it is recommended exist radiation laboratory 2015. In the weeks after the war began, israel story Published two dozen accounts Israelis describe how the conflict has affected their lives.
  • on the nose and Undecided Recommended by audio producer Sam J. Leeds. on the nose from progressive exit jewish trends and always cover antiwar activism Israel and the United States are on the left. Unresolved—— The site – sponsored by the Institute for Nonprofit Journalism and started by activists involved in IfNotNow – regularly features and posts Palestinian accounts last week’s episode Violence has escalated in the West Bank since the war began.
  • Evil: Two Jews in the NewsPer Sandra Shmueli, Development Editor economist. Hosted by Keshet 12 News Anchor Yonit Levi protector Columnist Jonathan Friedland.This is my favorite so far – I particularly like it latest episode Discussing how war discussions unfold on TikTok with Kara Swisher.

Please continue to provide recommendations! Especially if you know of any of the wonderful pods produced from a Palestinian perspective.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week with the latest audio news.

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