Xbox Series S dropped to $229

we’ve seen the original Xbox Series S Over the past few months, silver has fallen below the $249.99 mark. But if you miss these opportunities, Dell launches promotion again This brings Microsoft’s entry-level console down to $229.99. That’s a $70 discount compared to the retail price.We’ve seen it as low as $199.99, but we probably won’t see that low again until Refresh availableso you might want to consider spending the extra $30 now.

As far as current-gen consoles go, the Xbox Series S gives you most of that. It can play the same games as the Series The system itself requires even less storage space. As a bonus, it’s easier to mount on your entertainment stand.

The Series S isn’t a system for physical copy collectors and serial Blu-ray hoarders, but its other flaws are somewhat forgivable. For example, while 4K gaming sounds like a big deal (and it is), you’d be surprised to know that most modern TVs can upscale content. Most people I know with a Series S don’t feel like their experience is so lacking that they’d spend more money to upgrade.

The S series loses the X series’ disc drive, 4K output and half the storage space, but is only half the price and half the size of the X series.
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Storage is a trickier solution and probably the biggest drawback for most people. With triple-A games regularly exceeding 100GB, and increasingly expanding to 150GB, you need to be selective about what you keep in your daily rotation.For what it’s worth, I have my Series X’s internal storage and 1TB expansion cardas a frequent gamer, I’m still looking for space.

You can add an affordable external hard drive to store extra games – moving them back and forth locally is at least faster than re-downloading them – but you can only play Xbox Series X/S from internal storage or an officially licensed storage expansion card game. Seagate and Western Digital Still the only manufacturer to make these products.They’re too expensive, so you’re usually better off buying them Black S series with 1TB of storage ($349.99), but with this promotion, you can get the 512GB Series S and 500GB Western Digital expansion card $40 cheaper than the 1TB Series S.

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