X seems to have thwarted Taylor Swift’s search…barely

X appears to be blocking searches for Taylor Swift as a reaction to the recent trend of graphic AI fakes of world-famous recording artists. Post to websiteNow, if you search for “Taylor Swift” or “Taylor Swift AI” on X (formerly Twitter), you may see a “Something went wrong” message. platform gameCasey Newton release Regarding the apparent blocking, we tried a few other searches. If X was intentionally blocking searches for Swift’s illegal AI-generated images, it doesn’t appear to have gone very far.

This is because if you encounter a blocked search term and decide to try something else with minimal effort, you’ll bypass it. As of now, “Taylor AI Swift” or simply putting quotes around her name will return results for writing, for example. Even adding another word to a seemingly blocked search term will get results. Additionally, the image is still displayed under the Media tab, although we didn’t see it explicitly when we checked.

A Taylor Swift search returns nothing. Unless you change your search slightly.
Screenshot: Wes Davis/The Verge

Search “Taylor Swift AI” on Threads.
Screenshot: Wes Davis/The Verge

If you start typing “Taylor” into the search box, both Threads and Instagram suggest “Taylor Swift AI,” but neither appears to show results, instead showing a message saying the term is “sometimes associated with activity by dangerous organizations and individuals.” related”.

There are reports that Swift Consider taking legal action Against the site hosting these images, users stated that they preferred images produced by Microsoft Designer. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called the deepfakes “shocking and horrific” in a statement Interview NBC Nightly News Yesterday, he said he believed AI companies needed to “move fast” to build better guardrails.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre I also weighed myself yesterdaycalled on Congress to enact legislation to protect people from deepfake porn.

X responded to our email asking whether Swift’s name was intentionally blocked via email auto-replies.

Updated January 27, 2024 at 3:22 pm ET: Additional context has been added.

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