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not long agoI want to know if the startup can help solve America’s housing crisis. Now there’s a new name in town: Airbnb spinoff Samara, which just received new funding. As for Dig, it was acquired shortly after I started digging into its category: data security posture management. — Anna

The Airbnb playbook

at least shortage 3.8 million residential unitsThe U.S. housing crisis isn’t showing many signs of improvement.Compared with a year ago, venture capital firm Gutter Capital noted that even accelerated In some ways – mainly investing.

“[I]Partner James Gettinger writes: “Investor interest in the housing market, which had previously been lukewarm, has now frozen. While rising interest rates will not solve the housing undersupply problem, they will be enough to scare away venture capital investors. We have been at the proptech fund Tell them they’re only investing in software now. Unfortunately, software doesn’t build houses.”

In contrast, Gutter Capital remains paper A year ago it said this: “Today there is a historic opportunity to invest in companies that are accelerating housing development in America.”

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