Why Tony Romo always refers to Taylor Swift as Travis Kelce’s wife

Tony Romo is just having a great time.

The CBS analyst explained his decision to always refer to Taylor Swift as Travis Kelce’s wife during Chiefs games this season.

“It’s a joke,” Romo said during a CBS Sports media conference ahead of the 2024 Super Bowl. “Someone did this to me the other day… People come up to me all the time (asking), ‘What do you know?’ People love it and are crazy about it.

“This is Taylor. She’s as big of a personality as anyone in the world right now. I think it’s a great thing for her to be in the football game. I think it just adds value, and I think our team does it the right way. At this point…it just comes naturally.”

Since the two began dating in late summer, Swift has become a fixture in the Chiefs’ games this season, appearing in 12 games, including all three playoff losses.

“You’ve got your brother-in-law right behind you,” Romo said during the AFC Divisional Round win over the Bills when Swift and Travis’ brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce Shown together in one suite.

Taylor Swift and Tony Romo hug during AFC Champions League game Associated Press

Swift made his first appearance in Week 3’s win over the Bears at Arrowhead Stadium.

Page Six reports that while her Eras tour will resume in Tokyo this week, she is expected to perform at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on February 11.

While some viewers found Romo’s marriage comments strange, the former Cowboys quarterback and 12-time Grammy Award winner Had a friendly exchange The Chiefs were on the field after beating the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday.

Taylor Swift arrived at the Chiefs’ playoff game against the Bills. Associated Press

Yahoo’s Jory Epstein recorded video of the interaction, in which he said they complimented each other’s talents.

“We’re doing very different things, aren’t we? It’s a different skill set,” Swift said.

All the networks have been criticized by fans for spending so much time covering Swift, Even though CBS showed her for a total of 44 seconds During the AFC Champions League broadcast.

Tony Romo is often referred to as Taylor Swift as Travis Kelce’s wife. Associated Press

“I think what we’re doing is completely non-intrusive,” CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus said on a conference call Thursday. According to the terrible announcement.

Romo and play-by-play man Jim Nantz will be on hand for the Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl matchup.

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