Why some of your favorite TV shows are ending this year: ‘Young Sheldon isn’t so young anymore’

A slew of popular broadcast shows are set to be terminated in 2024, after a year in which writers and cast strikes led to networks reshuffling their TV schedules.

From long-running shows such as good doctor and blue blood Spin-offs from popular franchises, including big bang theory Prequel young sheldon and Grey’s Anatomy branch Station 19, At least nine broadcast mainstays will not return after this year.

This is a sign of major changes in broadcast television Ratings continue to decline,audience flock to streamingthe production cost of aging programs is getting higher and higher, received less attention to traditional networks.

“This feels like a real transition year for television and the Internet,” Variety TV editor Michael Schneider told Yahoo Entertainment.

Has your favorite show ended?

Doesn’t count Huge collection of cable and streaming series This year, too, farewells — and many more, including HBO’s curb your enthusiasm (Presumably) and Paramount Network’s yellowstone park —The current number of radio programs airing in 2024 is 9.

A few announcements were made ahead of the Hollywood double strike, such as cbs beat.got a brief reprieve; final season NBC Universal PI, aired its series finale on January 4; and The CW’s shortened swan song for superman and lois. But mostly after the announcement Actors strike resolved November 8th.

Less than a week after the strike ended, CBS announced big bang theory Prequel, young sheldonTells about the childhood experiences of young Sheldon Cooper (played by Ian Armitage), Coming to an end after the upcoming seventh season. November 20, CBS anchor blue blood Official Set the last 18 episodesOn the same day, NBC’s science fiction drama was officially released, La Breasaying goodbye after three seasons.

CBS reported on November 29 Bob Harts Abisholastarring Billy Gardell and Forake Olofoyeku, Following the conclusion of Season 5, ABC announced the upcoming Season 7 on December 8 Grey’s Anatomy First Responder Derivatives Station 19 Will be the last time.

On January 11, ABC shared the long-running medical drama good doctor, Led by Freddie Highmore and Richard Schiff, Season 7 will also end.

Why does this happen?

Broadcast networks have been tightening finances as they devise cost-cutting strategies and reprioritize investments following two strikes in Hollywood.

“We have to talk about the strike in Hollywood first, because obviously it’s really affecting a lot of things,” Variety’s Schneider explained. “A lot of shows are on hold. A lot of conversations are starting around cost-cutting measures. There are a lot of things that are happening.” A network and a studio would look at their budget, their bottom line, what they have and decide whether to cut bait on certain things.”

Most of the shows that are coming to an end have been on the air for quite some time, e.g. blue blood, Season 14 will premiere on February 16th. In the current TV landscape, it’s increasingly rare for a show to surpass a certain benchmark.

The cast of Blue Bloods gathers for a traditional Sunday dinner.

Cast blue blood Gather together for a traditional Sunday dinner. (John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images)

“Trades have increased, and in many cases, rather than having to negotiate huge new contracts with the stars of these shows, it’s better to say, ‘Let’s bring them back and give them a chance to say goodbye in a farewell.’ The season was shortened, ” Schneider said.

Which upcoming show will create the biggest void?

However, it’s safe to say that many of these shows have helped define the networks they’re on – whether through strong ratings or cultural relevance.

blue blood “It’s a huge hit for CBS, and it’s doing really well in syndication. It’s still a real ratings contender for CBS, so they’re going to feel those ratings losses,” Schneider predicted. “When they look at the budget, similar lines blue blood“, they started to see diminishing returns. It cost more to produce, but it didn’t get quite the same results as before, even though it was popular. It’s a good example of business decision-making.”

in the case of young sheldonAccording to Schneider, this is a classic combination of the fusion of business and creative decision-making – the “natural end” of a presentation.

young sheldon Not so young anymore, more dramatic. [CBS is] Definitely interested in staying in that world, but they know young sheldon It’s not the same show anymore. So it made sense to end that show – although ironically, a lot of these shows are repetitive, Excellent at streaming “And it’s probably going to continue for a while. Now they’re ready to move on to other things.”

The future of radio and television programming

“Where [broadcast TV] Still important are live events, sporting events, improv [shows]”The strike has really changed the strategies of a lot of companies, and you’re going to continue to see them spend less time on programming,” Schneider explained. Broadcast networks because that money is being moved to the streaming side. “

Not all hope is lost.

“The good news is all of these networks still have very strong franchises that they’re not going to turn their back on. [on],” He said.

Available on NBC chicago Franchise— Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and chicago police department –as well as law and order universe, which includes the original series, SVU and organized crime. Grey’s Anatomy and 9-1-1The emergency drama, which moved from Fox, remains a major focus for ABC.

this NCIS and FBI. The franchise continues to prove attractive to CBS, and the potential for expansion is substantial. fire nation The universe passes through a Proposed Sheriff spin-offeven though young sheldon Hanging up its academic hat this year, CBS aims to stay big bang theory universe and Possible new series It centers on Sheldon’s older brother Georgie (Montana Jordan) and his fiancée Mandy (Emily Osment).

Still, Schneider said the spate of cancellations in 2024 “reminds us that every time a popular network hit disappears, there’s no guarantee it will be replaced by something else. It’s a sign of the continued decline in the importance of broadcast programming.”

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