Why Judge Judy’s return to TV is bad news for her old bosses at CBS

Will the best show win?

Judge Judy Sheindlin will return to television this fall and will compete with CBS’ revival of her old show Judge Judy.

Scheindlin ended her successful syndicated courtroom series Judge Judy in 2021 after 25 seasons on CBS.

The famed TV judge and her executive producer, former CBS executive Scott Koondel, later created and released “Judy Justice” That same year, Sox Entertainment launched a new courtroom show on Amazon’s Freevee streaming service.

An insider told Page Six that despite CBS “trying to keep Judy out of the market,” the highest-paid TV judge will be released this fall after being licensed in 95 percent of the country Return to linear television.

Judge Judy ends in 2021 after 25 seasons on CBS.

CBS was counting on local markets to buy reruns of Scheindlin’s old shows, but was stunned when she brought a new product to the market for stations to buy.

Unfortunately for CBS, one source said they are now stuck with double-selling Judge Judy, with the show having a lower value in the market while other stations have the option to air Judge Judy 》original program.

According to Variety, CBS is trying to secure the most coveted time slots and top box office grosses for its reruns, while the “Red Sox aim to squeeze out old programming for ‘Judy Justice'” Best station and time slot.”

“Judy Justice” will air this fall. ©Courtesy of Amazon/Everett Collection
Judy is the highest paid legal expert on television.

However, that’s not necessarily the case. Sources tell us there are discussions underway to replace CBS’s long-running daytime chat series “The Talk” with “Judy Justice,” which “will never be ‘The View.'” one source said.

The network’s syndication arm owns the rights to the original programming library and has been providing episodes to the network since the show ended in 2021.

A CBS syndication insider told us, “‘Judge Judy’ has been a staple of our syndication programming for decades. We’ve got an entire library of licenses… Our plates are full.” ”

Sources tell us that talks are ongoing to replace “Judy Justice” with “The Talk,” Associated Press
Even Jay-Z says he’s a big fan of TV judging. cbs

Nor were they familiar with any dialogue about replacing “talk” with “Judy Justice.”

A CBS spokesperson had no comment, and a representative for Scheindlin did not get back to us.

Her EP, meanwhile, would not comment to CBS, but described the judge as “a juggernaut with a huge and loyal audience” who “will follow her from broadcast to streaming and from streaming to cable. If I livestreamed her on a billboard in Times Square, she would draw the New Year’s Eve crowd,” Kundel said.

“Judge Judy” continues to be a success for CBS.

The New Yorker won’t have to worry about seeing her on billboards in Times Square: They’ll be able to watch “Judge Judy” on Pix 11 at 3 p.m. and reruns of “Judge Judy” on CBS.

At least Judy fans Jay-Z will be delighted!

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