Why companies are laying off employees to save money

There are many companies that choose to lay off employees rather than lay off employees. Let’s take a look at what happens when this happens so you can be better prepared.

put the blame on you

Many companies are now deciding to drastically reduce their workforce. They fell short of expectations. They are financially insecure. Whatever the reason, the biggest expense is personnel, so the quickest way to save money is to lay off employees.

Now, most companies will be transparent about this and admit that this is a lay offThey performed poorly. They need to make changes. They fired you through no fault of your own. It sucks, but no one blames you. However, some companies would say this is a dismissal.

When companies fire employees instead of laying them off, they say it’s not their fault. It’s not their fault that you’re suddenly underperforming, so they’re going to fire you. How ironic is it that you get a great performance review, everything is going great, and then all of a sudden your performance gets better. Question?

What usually happens is that companies find they can find someone to do your job cheaper. There are many people in the job market who will do your job for a lower salary.But if the company hires you to save money, there are Discrimination laws You can cite and file a charge of discrimination against them.

Some companies want to avoid this risk, so they suddenly decide that you’re not performing, and they record it and collect documentation to be able to prove that you’re not performing (that you’re the problem) so they can fire you. This is how they avoid lawsuits. When they fire you, they can replace you and hire someone for less money.

As long as you’re working, you can never take your eyes off the ball. If you want to continue making a salary, you need to pay attention to your market conditions, because if you don’t grow, you will die in the market. Your Job.

Too many people get stuck in a state of autopilot where they don’t really evolve with the market as it evolves and evolves. It’s not just about accumulating more skills. It’s about strategically understanding the direction your career needs to go in order for you to stay relevant and in demand.You can have all the skills and experience in the world, but if you don’t know how to package it and market it correctly to employeryou won’t be able to stand out in the market and stay competitive.

Be aware of this situation in your career. Once your company realizes they can get someone to do your job for less money, you become a performance problem.It’s easier to fire you than to fire you. Keep this in mind and make sure you know your Unique Value Added (UVA).

Good luck and go get them!

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