Which male WWE star plays dual roles in the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches?

WWE Men’s and Women’s royal rumble There were a lot of great moments tonight, both matches were very entertaining, and speaking of entertainment, one of the male stars on tonight’s show brought laughter to the fans.

This person is none other than R-Truth. The multiple-time champion pulled double duty in the men’s and women’s overhead ropes extravaganza. Truth made her debut in the Women’s Rumble Match at the Premium Live event.

He interrupted the entrance to Valhalla on the 24th. Truth entered the ring only to be sent off the top rope by Nia Jax. RAW General Manager Adam Pearce took him backstage and told him he should compete in the men’s tournament.

The moment came when R-Truth correctly showed up to the Men’s Royal Rumble at number 24. He thought he was in a tag team match with Dominik Mysterio, and when he entered the ring, he received one of the loudest pops of the night.

Who eliminated R-Truth from the Men’s Royal Rumble?

R-Truth shared a brief moment with his occasional tag team partner The Miz. However, the A-lister was unable to convince his Awesome Truth partner to attack Dominik Mysterio during the match.

After entertaining the crowd for several minutes, Truth found himself thrown off the top rope by Judgment Day member Damian Priest. notorious archer Contestant No. 30 Sami Zayn was eliminated minutes later.

It remains to be seen whether R-Truth will face DIY against DIY on the upcoming Monday Night Raw, costing Judgment Day the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

The current champion isn’t paying attention to The Rock’s return.More details here.

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