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When will “Renaissance” air?How to watch every Beyoncé documentary and concert film

Beyoncé is entering a new era in her music.If you haven’t heard it yet The singer’s new album, Cowboy Carter And yet – seriously, what are you doing reading this? Just a few months after her concert film/documentary, Renaissance: The Films of Beyoncé, Breaking box office records, Queen Bey declares we’re “ready” for her new music super bowl adofficially ushering in the second act, AKA Cowboy Carteralso known as the sequel regeneration.Now we are in a completely new situation, distinctly rural erafans may be wondering when the making of the singer’s hit documentary was filmed regeneration Can be watched at home. Unfortunately, there’s no official word on when (or even) Renaissance: The Films of Beyoncé It will be available on HBO Max or Netflix or other popular streaming platforms.

But when it comes to documentaries and concert films, regeneration This is by no means Beyoncé’s first rodeo. The music icon has launched a number of projects to give her audience a glimpse into the rodeo scene. make her album and world tours, as well as unforgettable visual albums and concert while you wait Renaissance: The Films of Beyoncé While available to watch online, why not revisit some of the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer’s past projects? Here’s how to watch all of Beyoncé’s documentaries, concert films, and visual albums.

Beyoncé: I Am… World Tour (2010)

Celebrating the success of her album world tour I Am… Sasha Fiers, Beyoncé: I Am… World Tour (2010) immortalized the 110-show tour. The film focuses primarily on Beyoncé performing her hit songs, including “Single Ladies” and “Halo,” but also includes behind-the-scenes clips filmed by Beyoncé herself.

although i am…world tour Not currently streaming on any platforms, you can rent the concert video from apple or via free trial Amazon (and found it uploaded on Youtube).

Watch for free with Quello free trial Apple $3.99

Beyoncé: 4 years old (2011)

fourth grade Focused on the production of one of Beyonce’s most iconic music videos, “Run The World (Girls)”. This 20-minute short documentary is available to watch completely free on YouTube.

Watch for free on YouTube

Beyoncé: Life is a dream (2013)

This full follow-up fourth grade A closer look at Beyoncé’s life in 2011 and early 2012. Beyoncé: Life is a dream It covers her decision to part ways with her manager father, the making of her fourth album, and the miscarriage the star suffered upon its release. Four, and the birth of Blue Ivy can watch life is just a dream Free with free trial Amazon (and found it uploaded on Youtube).

Watch for free with Quello free trial

lemonade (2016)

While this isn’t technically a documentary or concert film, you can’t discuss Beyoncé’s screen work without including “Lemonade.”The hour-long film/visual album is “a concept project based on each woman’s journey of self-knowledge and healing.” It’s available to watch. lemonade Movies about Tidal (free, free trial available).

Watch for free with Tidal free trial

black is king (2019)

Another visual album/movie not to be missed, black is king is a companion musical film production executive produced and directed by Beyoncé, created as a visual companion to the 2019 album The Lion King: The Giftcurated by Beyoncé for the 2019 live-action remake lion king. black is king Streaming exclusively on Disney+.

Streaming on Disney+

Beyoncé Presents: Making a Gift (2019)

This ABC special captures the behind-the-scenes process of making The Lion King: The Gift. The special isn’t currently streaming anywhere, but you can find the behind-the-scenes documentary uploaded at: Youtube.

Watch on YouTube

Homecoming: The Movie by Beyoncé (2019)

In 2018, Beyoncé became the first black woman to take the podium at Coachella. Homecoming: The Movie by Beyoncé Documenting all the work that went into the singer’s historic performance, including the complete setlist and all the behind-the-scenes work. You can watch what is undeniably one of Beyonce’s most popular documentary/concert films on Netflix.

Streaming on Netflix

Renaissance: The Films of Beyoncé (2023)

Beyoncé’s latest movie hits box office record regeneration, Once again, the documentary and concert film are combined into one, take a look at the production process revival album,create regeneration A world tour and then the actual touring show.

Unfortunately regeneration No digital or streaming services have been launched yet.But at least you can listen Act Two: Cowboy Carter While you wait for the concert footage to be released online.

when Renaissance: The Films of Beyoncé come out?

The film premieres in theaters on November 25, 2023. at present, Renaissance: The Films of Beyoncé No streaming or digital release date has been set.

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