When Coach Prime Met Dr. J: Deion Sanders bows to childhood idol Julius Erving at Colorado game

Talk about primary care doctors.

Philadelphia 76ers owner David Adelman brought team legend Dr. J to Boulder, Colorado, last weekend to meet with Coach Prime.

The Philadelphia businessman’s daughter is a student at the University of Colorado, where Deion Sanders attended – called prime time During his NFL career, he brought huge buzz to the Buffaloes as their coach.

As it turns out, Sanders’ top sports idol growing up was 76ers legend Julius Erving, aka Dr. J.

Adelman, who Buy shares of Fanatics tycoon Michael Rubin Coach Prime previously brought a Dr. J jersey to Prime when he played for the 76ers a year ago.

This time he brought the man.

Sanders bowed to the ABA and NBA legend when they met, and we heard the coach told the good doctor that he was a fan of his as a kid and that he used to try to dress like him.

David Adelman takes Dr. J to meet with Coach Prime.
David Dadleman/Instagram

(On this day, Irving was wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with “Rucker,” the famous Harlem park where people originally called him “Black Moses” and “Houdini” and where he got his nickname .)

Adelman posted some photos from the meeting on social media and wrote: “Got to bring [doctor] Door-to-door visits. “

Colorado lost to Arizona State in its final game, with the scalpers missing a field goal in dramatic fashion.

The power trio met at the high altitude of Boulder, Colorado.
David Dadleman/Instagram
Sanders’ idol growing up was Julius “J” Erving.
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Sanders’ team lost the game in the final seconds as the Wildcats scored on their own field goal at the other end of the court to win 34-31.

“We could have won this damn game. I love that we should have won. I’m tired of us could have won,” Deion Sanders said after the game. “I didn’t fail. It didn’t work for me. It didn’t work for me.” It’s fine. It’s not for me to rock. It’s not for me to lie down on. I have nothing to lose.”

Colorado has lost four straight and is 4-6 on the season after starting 3-0.

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