‘Wheel of Fortune’ pulls off an iconic April Fools’ Day prank with the help of Jared Leto

The wheel of fate On Monday night (April 1), April Fools’ Day, they had a little trick up their sleeve.Those who tuned in to last night’s show may have been surprised to see that in addition to Pat Shajakright next to vana white at the beginning of the episode.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the star of our show: Jared Leto And Vanna White! ” shouted the announcer.

this suicide squad The star, who was wearing a suit and tie, then escorted White to the stage, where the pair waved and thanked the audience for their applause, with Leto wishing White a “great show” before taking a seat behind the wheel.

“Okay, guys, grab these devices, it’s time to give away some money,” he instructed contestants Kelly, Chris and Alicia. “The first time we rolled a thousand dollars, the category was ‘on the map.'”

The crowd was stunned when Sajak suddenly returned to his usual position to call the rest of the game. Some took to social media to express their surprise and make sure their eyes weren’t deceiving them.

“Anyone else see @JaredLeto walking out with @TheVannaWhite and then Pat Sajak seemingly doing the first piece of the puzzle?” ask on X. “[Am] Did I lose it? “

other Replied and responded to their confusion by explaining that “the only reason [they’re] The task on X is to check this thing. “

“Maybe I won’t go crazy!” they added.

fan respected The show initially went for their “Good April Fools’ Day” prank, while others left “so confused”.

Although viewers were not aware of the prank during the show, The wheel of fateInstagram clarified that it was indeed an April Fools’ joke, while sharing a video of the moment Instagram.

“Did you notice anything different about tonight’s show?!” the caption read. “#AprilFools @JaredLeto”

Leto previously teamed up with his brother Shannon on the beloved game show declare Their band Thirty Seconds to Mars performed on the Season World Tour last November The wheel of fateEvery entertainment weekly.

He shared the post from the show to his Instagram Storiestitled “How did I do? 🤣”

The wheel of fate Airs every Sunday at 7:30/6:30c.Check out their website For local listings.

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