What is co-supervision?Why it matters in your relationships

Many of us operate A state of nervous system exhaustionare we feeling down and want more Energy, or we also have a lot of Have lots of energy and want to feel more grounded.

This is where the idea of ​​up-regulation and down-regulation comes from. If you need to “cheer me up,” upregulate your nervous system. Downsizing, meanwhile, looks more like a grounding, calming activity when you’re feeling super high.

In that case, Richmond suggests calling your calmest, most laid-back friend and asking them if they want to go hiking, watch a nature documentary, or do yoga. EnergeticHowever, this might be when you call up your most lively, adventurous friends and ask if you can follow what they are doing.

The point is, none of us should feel like we can’t ask a friend, family member, or partner to help us regulate.

To that end, Richmond added, physical contact is important. Obviously, touching may be inappropriate depending on who you’re with, but we’re not talking specifically about intimate or erotic touch. To touch someone’s arm lightly, or A A warm hug really can go a long way.

“Even just putting your hand on your arm, if your nervous system is at a 7 on a level 1 depression and a 10 level panic mode, that touch will bring your nervous system down to a 6. Or if you’re in a 3. If someone gives you a hug, your score goes up to four,” Richmond told Mindbodygreen.

She actually has an exercise called “Cuddle Relaxation” that she recommends all couples try for the purpose of co-regulation. This is exactly what it sounds like: “You hug each other and keep the hug until your breathing is regulated together, you feel your shoulders drop, you feel your chest expand.”

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