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‘What a moron!’: Joe Scarborough shocked by Donald Trump’s latest lie

‘What a moron!’: Joe Scarborough shocked by Donald Trump’s latest lie

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is in town Monday morning Donald TrumpThe latest story involves an unnamed “sir,” a verbal habit commentators have previously noted of the former president Almost means he’s lying.

“For Donald Trump, that’s not even a white lie,” the anchor said.

Over the weekend, Trump blasted the NATO military alliance at a campaign rally, claiming, “A president of a major country stood up and said, ‘Well, sir, if we don’t pay and we get attacked by Russia, will you protect us? “I said, “You didn’t pay? You defaulted?” He said, “Yeah, let’s say that happened.” No, I’m not going to protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to “do whatever they want. You have to pay. You have to pay your bills.”

Watch Trump’s speech on video:

Scarborough is highly skeptical of Trump’s version of events.

“No one said that. What an asshole!” he said. “If you were in the audience and said, ‘Oh, well, did they really say that? That’s great. I can’t believe the president of a big country would do that. Said. ‘This is so stupid.'”

this”good morning joe” The co-host suggested that Trump is “very hungry for support right now.” [Russian President] Vladimir Putin and weakening America’s allies in Europe, is he spinning a story about ‘Mr. “

“For Donald Trump, it’s not even a white lie. Like, you can tell he’s losing it,” he said, later adding that it was something even a third-grader would question. story.

Watch footage of the Scarborough shoot:


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