Want to find a job in 2024? Your resume must include this!

The main goal is your resume is to help you stand out employer So they will call you and invite you for an interview. This is the hiring manager’s first impression of you and the first step in landing a job. So, how do you optimize your resume to make it stand out from the competition?

many job seeker I feel confused when writing my resume. What should you include in your resume? How much information is enough?do what Recruitment Managerreal Do you want to see it?

If these questions have crossed your mind, don’t worry. If you want to stand out to employers and land a job, then you need to include the following in your resume…

What’s the secret to landing a job in 2024? Measurable achievements on your resume!

The most important things on a resume are quantifiable achievements. Quantify your work experience And place these numbers and data under the “Work Experience” section of your resume.

Not sure how to quantify your work experience?

Follow these 3 tips to effectively quantify your work experience on your resume:

1. Add numbers to bullet points

Every bullet point in your resume should have at least one number. If you want to show the depth of your experience in certain areas, you need to show these numbers. By doing this, employers can see how much experience you have and how often you use a certain skill.So it’s important to add as many numbers as possible to these focus.

Look back at an average day at work, list all your responsibilities and tasks, and ask yourself, “Okay, if this is something I do every day, how often do I do it? How much do I do it? How many people do it?” Have I worked with you?” By asking yourself these types of questions, you’ll be able to extract those numbers and add a wealth of experience to your bullet points.

2. Each role contains 3-7 key points

For each position you list on your resume, you should write down three to seven quantitative bullet points that demonstrate the skills you possess that are relevant to the position you are applying for. More than this and you risk overwhelming your readers.The hiring manager may think you are overqualifiedyour experience is all over the place, or you won’t be happy with the job.

So, be careful what you write on your resume because too few words will convey a message, but too many words will convey a message. You only need the right amount of information, and three to seven bullet points are your best bet.

3. Choose achievements that support your relevant hard skills

You need to make conscious choices about what to add to your resume to ensure that you support your profession, the services you provide to employers as a business.what are your strengths Unique Value Added (UVA)?How can you save your company money or money, solve problems and alleviate pain? The key is to only select accomplishments that are relevant to the skills you demonstrate at the top of your resume—that is, skills that directly support your expertise.

Make sure you intentionally include these things on your resume rather than listing every accomplishment you’ve had in your career. This is important for demonstrating depth of experience because you don’t know and you don’t want them to focus on accomplishments that don’t support relevant skills.Identify what your expertise is and how you do it provide value Employers who have had these skills in the past.

Why it’s important to quantify your work experience


Quantifying your work experience is often the hardest part write resume For job seekers. This is simply not what we learn in school. Recruiters and hiring managers don’t want to know how well you perform or what your assignments are. All they care about is results.

What results did your work bring? How do you add value? When you quantify your work history, Recruitment You can look at the hiring manager and say, “This person did this, this, and this. Here are the numbers to prove it.” This is why your resume needs to be proves you are a Qualified job seekers and a valuable potential employee.

What does “quantifying your work experience” look like?

Man reviews his resume


There is always a way Quantify your work experience.You may think there is nothing quantifiable on your resume, but you are.

If this is your first time quantifying your work experience and you can’t think of any quantifiable accomplishments, write down what you did in a specific job, circle each noun, and ask yourself: “Can I Quantitative?”

For example, a receptionist may feel that they do not have any quantifiable accomplishments or any type of quantifiable work experience. But when they ask themselves the right questions, they realize they accomplish much more than they thought, and they can assign numbers to those accomplishments. They asked for…

  • “How many people are there in my company?”
  • “How many phone calls do I take in a day?”
  • “How many phone lines are there on the system?”

The results of it? List several key points of their quantifiable work experience:

  • Receptionist for a company of 500 people
  • Handles more than 100 calls per day
  • Manage 12-line telephone system

You can definitely quantify your work experience. You will find a way. Circle each noun and quantify them. Find the percentage. If you can’t come up with an exact number, you can use your best guess, but err on the side of caution. What is the growth percentage? What is the savings percentage? What is the income? There are always numbers. You just have to look for them.

In order to land a job in 2024, your resume must have quantifiable achievements. It may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of quantifying your work experience, you’ll never look back.Quantify your work experience on your resume and start seeing your results Looking for a job today!

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