Want to actually become happier, says a neuroscientist?try this

There is nothing wrong with wanting more in life and therefore seeking more happiness.But as a neuroscientist Tara Swart, MD Tell MindbodyGreen that the state between being and becoming can be a very unhappy state because all you focus on is that you are no However Where you want to go.

For example, suppose you were to imagine a Venn diagram in which one circle was your current self and the other circle was your ideal self. “If these circles completely overlap each other, then obviously, you are living your best life. If they overlap but not by much, or are completely separate from each other, then this gap is a source of unhappiness because it focuses on what you have not yet achieved. desire,” Swart explained.

When you focus on the gap, the inconsistency between who you are and who you want to be, “you don’t acknowledge the small wins or accomplishments you have along the way, you just move on to the next or bigger thing, Swart said, adding, “This puts your brain in a state of deficiency.”

bestselling author Morganhauserwho released Always the Same: A Guide to Things That Never Change Last year, a recent episode of the MindbodyGreen podcast echoed this point, stating: “What really matters to your happiness is not your circumstances; it’s the gap between your circumstances and your expectations.”

As he explains, if your definition of success increases with every goal you achieve, you’ll never be truly satisfied. The key, then, is to accept the fact that improving your circumstances will not bring lasting happiness. Manage your expectationsStill, Hauser says, you might be content.

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