Wales miss out on Euro 2024 as they lose to Poland in penalty shootout in play-off final – Live

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That was a very close gameit felt like a penalty shootout from the start. Poland Wales probably had better possession of the ball and Wales had more clear-cut chances. No matter who loses, no matter who misses the crucial penalty kick, this is cruel. That’s the nature of tournament playoffs, especially when they’re this tight.


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2024 European Cup final squad

  • Group A Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

  • Group B Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

  • Group C Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

  • Group D Poland, Netherlands, Austria, France

  • Group E Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine

  • Group F Türkiye, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic


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Poor Dan James. It wasn’t a good penalty, side-footed from a save-ready height to his left. Szczesny went in the right direction and made a pretty easy save.There was a moment of hope wells As the referee waited to confirm that Szczesny had one of his kicks off the line at kick-off, he did.

Poland celebrated wildly in the corner with their supporters; everyone else on the pitch was trying to comprehend the heartbreak of more Wales penalties.

Joy and despair. Photograph: Molly Darlington/Reuters
Comfort from Dan James. Photography: David Davis/PA

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Poland qualified for the 2024 European Cup!

James missed! Wales 4-5 Poland it’s over.

Wales player Daniel James misses. Photograph: Molly Darlington/Reuters

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Piatek scores!Wales 4-5 Poland

He had a blister on his left side and Ward was walking the wrong way. Dan James must score…

Williams scores!Wales 4-4 Poland

An inelegant penalty curled into the bottom right corner, now sudden death.

Zalewski scores a goal!Wales 3-4 Poland

Ward was going the right direction, to his right, but couldn’t quite reach the ball. The ball was also hit hard and all in all it was a good penalty.

Wilson scores!Wales 3-3 Poland

Straight down the middle again. Peter Shilton is sure to have a great day here.


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Frankowski scores!Wales 2-3 Poland

Best penalty so far, into the top left corner. They will not be saveable.


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Moore scores a goal – just right!Wales 2-2 Poland

He scraped the ball off the underside of the crossbar so hard that it bounced off and then bounced back into the net.

Wales’ Kiefer Moore celebrates. Photograph: Molly Darlington/Reuters

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Szymanski scores! Wales 1-2 Poland Another straight free throw, but this time it was slightly to Szymanski’s left. Ward pounced.

Davis scores a goal! Wales 1-1 Poland It was a safe penalty, straight down the middle.

Lewandowski scores!Wales 0-1 Poland

Of course he scored. He paused, sat Ward down, and slowly passed the ball into the other side of the net.

Poland’s Robert Lewandowski scored from the penalty spot. Photograph: Molly Darlington/Reuters

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Goalkeepers Ward and Szczesny, walked towards the goal, both of them were smiling and talking cordially. Robert Lewandowski is here.

Ben Davis and Robert Lewandowski toss, there would be a huge cheer when Wells elected to end the game. But more importantly, Poland takes the lead.

here we go. wells Football fans, Polish fans, neutrals: good luck to everyone.

This will be the first penalty shootout in Wales’ history. Poland has participated in at least two competitions, both times at Euro 2016: they beat Switzerland and lost to Portugal.

Danny Ward is getting a quick lesson on the iPad.

Full extra time: Wales 0-0 Poland

Mepham is sent off!

120+1 minutes He looked confused but received a second yellow card for a charge after the ball. He caught the ball but was penalized for following up. Either scenario could happen.

120 minutes One minute of added time.

120 minutes There’s always going to be a penalty, right?

119 minutes Actually, Poland No shots on target in the entire game. This is ridiculous.

118 minutes Wales have a heartbreaking penalty history: Joe Jordan, David Cooper, Paul Bodine. But now they will go to penalties – Poland They dominated throughout the second period of overtime but didn’t really test Danny Ward.


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117 minutes “For a game with limited chances, it’s very attractive,” David Bowen said. “I remember a Milan derby about 20 years ago and the 0-0 scoreline was huge. It wasn’t Not on that level of thinking.”

In the 2005-06 season, there was also a contest between Arsenal and Real Madrid.

116 minutes A corner kick was taken and the ensuing cross was headed through the goal and kicked out. Brodhead won a throw-in and almost received a standing ovation; for the first time tonight, wells Are persisting.

115 minutes Zalewski charges at James to win him another corner Poland. James’ defense is very good, he is not good at this position.

thank you!
Thank you, team!
Bringing significant emotion to the entire country.
To get an important win and get into the European Cup.
Proven once again: Whenever Ukrainians encounter difficulties but do not give up and keep fighting, Ukrainians will definitely win.
Sometimes, when…

— Volodymyr Zelenskyy / Володимир Зеленський (@ZelenskyyUa) March 26, 2024

114 minutes It was really difficult for Wales to get out of trouble, but the goal kick gave them 30 seconds of precious breathing space.

113 minutes: wells substitution It was a bit strange – David Brooks, who came on as a second-half substitute in normal time, was replaced by Nathan Brodhead. He didn’t appear to be injured, but he didn’t complain when Robert Page celebrated him on the sideline.

Nathan Broadhead came on as a substitute for David Brooks. Photograph: Molly Darlington/Reuters

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112 minutes The corner kick was pushed into the air and was knocked away by Ward’s punch.

111 minutes Frankovski’s dangerous low pass was cut out at the near post by Ampadu, who was perfectly positioned. Corner kick to Poland…

111 minutes Now it was Poland’s turn to dominate the ball and hold Wales down. The starters looked tired. Kiefer Moore could barely jog.

108 minutes Szymanski’s header was mistimed on Frankkovsky’s inswinging cross, but it was a very difficult opportunity regardless.

107 minutes Brooks cut inside from the edge of the penalty area and his right-footed shot was blocked. He and Wilson switched places—Brooks left, Wilson right.

107 minutes Matt Dorney said: “I applaud Karitolinius for his magnanimity and I sympathize with that. I think there are a lot of Welsh fans who feel an affinity for Iceland. Both teams are perpetual losers. (Obviously, even more so in Iceland. They have a similar population to Cardiff for goodness sake.) We both had the best time of our lives in 2016! wells Qualified for the last World Cup at the expense of Ukraine. Obviously, this is incredible. 1958 and so on. But I would rather it be against any other team in the world. I am very happy that Ukraine will be in Germany. But an Iceland-shaped hole will appear. “

Stop typing, man, you got whiskey to drink.

106 minutes The Polish team began the second quarter of overtime.

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