Ukraine war briefing: Ukrainian power company hit by Russian attack warns repairs could take 18 months

  • Ukraine’s largest private energy company DTEK said five of its six plants After two weeks of Russian attacks, 80% of its power generation capacity has been damaged or destroyedCompany officials said the repair work could take up to 18 months. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Russia was carrying out “malicious attacks” aimed at causing a “drain” of Ukrainian energy. DTEK supplies about a quarter of the country’s electricity needs. Due to demand, its thermal power stations and other facilities have been repeatedly attacked by Russian missiles, drones and artillery during more than two years of war.

  • France’s defense minister said Paris would provide “hundreds” of armored personnel carriers and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine as part of a new aid package for Ukraine’s war with Russia. Sebastien Lecornu said: “In order to hold such a wide front line, the Ukrainian army needs our VAB vehicles: it is absolutely necessary for the mobility of the troops.” He said: “We are discussing the use of VAB vehicles in 2024 Hundreds of such vehicles are expected to be deployed in 2020 and early 2025.” Ukraine is pushing defense companies to increase production to meet the needs of its own forces and ensure continued support for Ukraine after Kyiv warned that its ammunition stocks were low.

  • The latest intelligence report from the British Ministry of Defense shows that Russia maintains a significant numerical advantage in the conflict, surpassing Ukraine in ammunition and equipmentMoscow is likely to recruit around 30,000 additional personnel per month and will most likely continue to absorb losses and continue to launch attacks aimed at weakening the Ukrainian military. Russian troops have also been gradually advancing west of Avdievka and nearly took control of both areas in late March. Villages in the area continue to compete with other villages, the report said.

  • Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Saturday that “Russian and Belarusian athletes will not be welcome” at this year’s Olympics in the French capital.According to AFP, Hidalgo said in a video posted by Ukrainians: “I want to tell Russian and Belarusian athletes that they are not welcome in Paris, and tell Ukrainian athletes and all Ukrainian people that we support them very much.” YouTube channel, United News . Hidalgo made the comments while traveling to Kiev to visit a training center for Ukrainian athletes. Russian athletes can participate in the Paris Olympics, which runs from July 26 to August 11, but only as neutrals.

  • Moscow responded by launching a blistering tirade at the International Olympic Committee., believes that the International Olympic Committee’s restrictions on Russian athletes are equivalent to “neo-Nazism”. The IOC suspended Russia from the 2024 Olympics last year but gave Russian athletes the green light to compete as neutrals as long as they did not actively support the Kremlin’s attacks on Ukraine.

  • prime minister of poland donatuskHe said that Europe was entering a “pre-war” era, warned that the continent was not ready yet, and urged European countries to increase defense investment. Tusk’s comments came days after a brief Russian missile launch violation Polish airspace prompted Warsaw to put its forces on full readiness during a major attack on Ukraine.In interviews with several European newspapers According to the British Broadcasting Corporation“I don’t want to scare anyone, but war is no longer a concept of the past. It is real and it started more than two years ago,” Tusk said. Tusk has been using his platform to try to add a sense of urgency .European debate on defense and aid Ukraineamid concerns about the future of U.S. aid and concerns about the capabilities of the defense industry.

  • Foreign diplomats in Russia laid flowers at the scene of last week’s attack on a concert hall in a Moscow suburb that killed 144 people. Attendees included ambassadors from the United States, EU countries, Africa and Latin America. Russia’s state news agency RIA Novosti said that “about 130 diplomatic missions” participating included representatives of “unfriendly countries”. An affiliate of the Islamic State group claimed responsibility. It was the worst attack on Russian soil in years. However, the Kremlin insists Ukraine and the West played a role, while Kyiv vehemently denies this.

  • A Moscow court ordered a Russian journalist who covered the trial of a late Russian opposition politician to Alexei Navalny, and other dissidents continue to be detained pending investigation and trial on extremism charges. Antonina FevorskayaCourt officials identified her as Antonina Kravtsova, who was arrested earlier this month. On Friday, Moscow’s Basman District Court ordered her to be held in pretrial detention until at least May 28. The hearing was held behind closed doors at the request of prosecutors. According to the independent Russian news website Mediazona, Favoskaya and her lawyers protested the decision.

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