UFC Atlantic City: Chris Weidman gets first win in four years after stopping Bruno Silva with double eye jab

Chris Weidman picked up a much-needed victory despite the judges ruling that he poked Bruno Silva in the eye for a third (or fourth) time. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Chris Weidman is back in the win column. He took a very strange route to get there.

The former UFC middleweight champion defeated Bruno Silva on Saturday in Atlantic City, leveling the veteran with a third-round comeback.

At least, that’s what we thought at first.

The replay finally told the truth. Slow-motion footage shows Weidman placing the fingers of his left hand over Silva’s right eye and then his right hand over his left eye, leaving Silva wobbly and vulnerable to some of the ground and punches that ended the fight. .

The fight had been stopped multiple times due to eye pokes from Weidman in the second and third rounds, the latter of which saw both fighters poke each other in the eyes at the same time. It’s a shame because Weidman, 39, looks more dynamic. Better than he had been in years, with a 2-7 record over that stretch.

There was a lengthy delay after the game as referee Gary Copeland and the officials initially conferred. Everyone speculated that the fight was about to end, but then Weidman was declared the winner. Silva is visibly upset by all this.

Weidman explained in his post-fight interview that he did poke Silva in the eye and it was his fault that Silva immediately fell down instead of standing up:

“I got poked in the eye too, but that’s my advice to Bruno. With all due respect to him, when he came in it looked like I touched his eyeball. If you get poked in the eye you can’t fall like that On the ground.” poked.

“You have to get up. If the referee sees that – you can’t just go down. He did it three times and it caught up to him.”

After the interview, the ESPN broadcast explained that the fight was actually called a unanimous decision win because the judges ruled that the eye poke prevented Silva from continuing and instead looked at the scorecards.All three judges agreed Weidman wins 30-27.

Full explanation:

“After the sting, they looked at the scorecard. They decided to stop the fight there. And then of course they couldn’t restart the fight. There was a TKO win initially and that was reviewed by the committee. It was felt that their sting was too severe as well. ” So this didn’t result in a TKO win. The fighting stopped and they scored to this point.

“So Weidman scored in the first two rounds. And then they scored in the third round when the game was stopped.”

The victory was Weidman’s first since August 8, 2020.

UFC fighters were a group that didn’t like watching this, and many of them seemed to think Weidman benefited from some favorable decisions:

Somehow this wasn’t even the first fight of the night to be decided by an eye poke, as in the previous fight Nursulton Ruziboev was stopped for an eye poke attempt in Dumas After the game, he defeated Sedriques Dumas by TKO in the first round.all it does is making him more vulnerable to Ruzboev’s punishment.

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