Uber Eats is launching delivery service in Japan using Cartken sidewalk robot | TechCrunch

Uber, its partners Mitsubishi Electric and autonomous robotics startup Cartken are launching a service in Japan that will use self-driving sidewalk robots to deliver food to customers.

The two companies announced that the service through the Uber Eats app will be launched in select areas of Tokyo by the end of March. An Uber spokesperson said operating hours will be disclosed closer to the launch date.

Uber and Cartken, a startup Established in 2019 Bookbot, developed by ex-Google engineers, existed briefly; Fairfax, Virginia This latest agreement marks their first foray into markets outside the United States. The agreement also brings in Mitsubishi Electric Corp., which will oversee operations in Tokyo.

Cartken’s moving walkway robot, called Model C, will be used for delivery services. The robot is equipped with Insulated 27-liter cargo box, travel speed approximately 3.3 mph. The robot is equipped with sensors such as cameras and advanced software to help it detect, perceive and ultimately navigate its environment. Cartken also has a system that allows workers to remotely monitor and guide the robots if needed. According to an Uber spokesperson, Cartken’s remote operating interface will be used by Mitsubishi Electric employees who have received training on Cartken’s remote guidance system.

Tanaka Masaji, senior general manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s Advanced Application Development Center, said that robot delivery is an effective countermeasure to deal with more serious logistics crises in the future.

Tanaka said: “We hope that this newly announced initiative will be a catalyst for the promotion of robot delivery services in Japan. In the future, we will work with building and factory infrastructure, which is one of our strengths, so automated robots will be able to Deliveries are made at various facilities.”

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