Twins nearly lose Byron Buxton to Milwaukee sausage collision

Byron Buxton provides a great demonstration of why you should always look both ways before leaving the break room on a Tuesday.

this minnesota twins Celebrities almost put themselves in danger from the Mother of All Creations Weird Baseball Injury In the middle of the sixth inning against Team USA on the road milwaukee brewers When he emerged from the dugout on Tuesday, he didn’t realize the Brewers’ signature sausage game was in progress.

Buxton didn’t realize his mistake until he happened to be standing in the path of Sausage No. 1 (aka Bratwurst). The outfielder at least showed the reflexes of a pro athlete to get out of the way after looking over his shoulder.

Buxton went 1-for-4 from the field in the game. Brewers win 3-2.He and his teammates Ryan Jeffers At least there was an interesting exchange about the near miss after the game, via Dan Hayes of The Athletic:

Jeffers: “I think it would be great if he got run over by a sausage. It would be a better story.”

Buxton: “Sheboygan would have done well.”

Jeffers: “As long as he’s okay. I mean, the sausage is okay.”

Buxton: “Sausage? What about me? It was a train wreck because if I took out one, I took out at least two.”

Jokes aside, Buxton has dealt with enough injury risk for this to not happen. Despite the fact that he is currently entering his 10th career season, Buxton has only played in 100 games in one year (2017). He missed almost all of August and September last season due to knee and hamstring injuries.

This season, however, Buxton is fully healthy, and the Twins can only hope he can maintain that form and compete for a second straight AL Central title. He’s hitting .286/.375/.429 in four games so far.

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