Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift’s ‘Karma’ lyric change: ‘I might have a little clue’

Travis Kelce spilling the tea on his trip south of the equator Taylor Swift. Over the weekend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Fly to Argentina Spent two nights with his girlfriend, who performed three shows as part of the “Eras Tour”.

Swift can thank Travis’ brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, for asking the burning questions fans want to know.

“Trav, we need to talk about this,” Jason began on their podcast. new heights“You don’t want to talk about it, you want to keep your private life private.”

“I’m right, but it’s public knowledge,” Travis replied with a laugh. “I can still keep that part private, but it’s public knowledge. I went to Argentina and it was so much fun, man.” “

Travis attended the second of Taylor’s three shows; however, she had to postpone the concert due to weather conditions.

Travis shared: “She wasn’t too happy about it, obviously she was proud of her performance in the weather and the rain, but when it’s not safe for her and her staff and everyone in the stadium, you have to do what you do Something that must be done”.

Travis explained that aside from a communal dinner after he landed, they intentionally stayed indoors for the most part out of respect for the fans, so it didn’t look like they were just hanging out in Buenos Aires.

Jason also asked Travis about Taylor’s lyrical changes on her hit song “Karma,” which she used to close the show. On Saturday night, Swift sang, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs that comes right back to me,” instead of the original song’s lyrics – “Karma is the guy on the screen that comes right back to me – Ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn was reportedly mentioned.

“How does it feel to be a part of the Chiefs?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know,” Travis smiled, then pulled back a little, “I might have a little clue.” Still, the NFL star said that when he heard the words “come out of her mouth “Still” I was shocked. ” (“That’s really what she said!”)

Jason was referring to Taylor’s father, Scott Swift, and joked, “You were so shocked that you left Scott hanging.” As seen in the now-viral video, Scott Te tried to high-five Travis, but the football player was too involved.

“Mr. Swift, I apologize big man. Oh my God, I missed it. I never miss a high five either,” Travis declared. “I’m sorry, Mr. Swift.”

Travis also revealed that he first met Scott the night before the concert, joking to Jason that he convinced Taylor’s dad to become a Chiefs fan instead of an Eagles fan. (Taylor grew up in Pennsylvania and later moved to Nashville.)

“I might have convinced him when I saw him at dinner the night before,” Travis quipped. “He’s a great football guy.”

Travis also had this to say about the video going viral on social media. (You know, like that one where he and Taylor kiss in the background.)

“For those who haven’t seen all my videos on TikTok and Instagram, I had a great time in Buenos Aires,” Travis said. “This show is even more exciting because I Knew I had one and enjoyed it a little more. Taylor absolutely tore it up, she killed it. It looked like she was having a lot of fun out there.”

Travis then told Jason he needed to see his girlfriend’s record-breaking tour: “This will definitely blow your mind.”

Travis and Taylor’s relationship seems to be taking another big step. entertainment tonight According to reports, the new couple’s parents – Donna and Ed Kelce, and Andrea and Scott Swift – are expected to meet for the first time during the Eagles’ game against the Chiefs on Monday.

Travis’ mother also recently supported Taylor.

Donna saw Tyler’s journey of times Watched a movie for the first time over the weekend. “I did see it and I did like it. It was great,” she told peoplecalled Taylor “very, very talented.” Donna said she was “totally captivated” by the singer in the movie and admired her “ability to connect with people.”

“It’s really great,” she added.

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