Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City: FA Cup Fourth Round – Live

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an email: “Dias jumped backwards toward Vicario without trying to catch the ball,” Evan Crocker wrote. “He knew exactly what he was doing. But talk openly about how many dirty tricks and ‘tactics there are ‘Fouling is a central part of Pep’s game and will always be taboo.’ “

They may well be a core part of his game, Evan, but I can’t help but wonder if Stefan Ortega showed the same tenuous control of his six-yard box at the other end of the pitch, you wouldn’t have any Complaining that Tottenham also scored in the same situation.

Nathan Acker: “I’m so happy, so happy, it’s difficult,” the Manchester City goalscorer told the BBC. “We played very well throughout the game and we just needed to score, but things like this are coming down the line It never happened again in a while.” A long time. I was thinking ‘Is this going to happen?’ ‘But luckily we got it towards the end. “

On Tottenham Hotspur’s goal protest: “I’m not sure what happened fairly,” he said. “I had to look it back. I just saw the ball in front of me and I touched it Got in so I didn’t see what was going on. “

Full time: Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Manchester City

Poof! Poof! Puff puff! It all ends at the Tjottenham Hotspur Stadium, where manchester city Finally a goal on the sixth ask and a win ended their hoodoo. Their winner came late and controversially, but they won’t care – they advance to the next round, ending any chance Tottenham had of ending their long trophy drought this season.

90+5 minutes: Jeremy Doku was booked, either for a waste of time or for dissent. City had a corner and understandably seemed hell-bent on keeping the ball by the flag as they tried to see the game through. Referee Paul Tierney put his whistle to his lips and drew. Proceedings are over. manchester cityadvanced to the FA Cup round of 16.

90+3 minutes: Under pressure from Dias, Vicario pounced on Kevin De Bruyne’s inswinging corner and, unable to clear or hold on to the ball, could only watch in horror as the ball flew towards Nathan A. In the direction of Ke, Nathan Ake was the player who reacted fastest and poked the ball into the goal from in front of the goal. There is no distance. It will be interesting to see if Anj Postkoglu takes this decision on the chin or complains about it after the game. My two cents: the decision to allow the goal was the right one.

The goal is set and Manchester City takes the lead!

90+1 minutes: Manchester City finally scored tottenham hotspur football club stadium. Vicario was booked for dissent and the referee did not take kindly to his protests after Ake’s goal.

Goal! Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Manchester City (Ake 88)

They’ve scored now! Or scored a goal? Ake’s close-range shot from the corner will be subject to a VAR check after Ruben Dias and Vicario competed for an inswinging ball. Spurs claimed Dias fouled Vicario after both players jumped in the same post.

Ake reacted the fastest and rushed forward quickly. Photo: Matt Impey/REX/Shutterstock
Ake celebrates with his teammates. Photo: Martin Dalton/REX/Shutterstock

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87 minutes: Fun fact: Manchester City have now had 100 shots on goal in the Premier League tottenham hotspur football club The pitch failed to score a goal.

86 minutes: Phil Foden passed the ball in behind for Doku to chase, but the weight of the pass was too great and caused the substitute to go wide. His low shot was easily saved by Vicario.

Doku’s shot was saved by Vicario. Photo: David Klein/Reuters

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84 minutes: Josko Gvardiol is booked for a foul on Richarlison.

82 minutes: Hojberg’s other mistake was when he handed the ball to Foden on the right side of the Tottenham penalty area, and he rolled the ball into the path of Kevin De Bruyne, who has everything in the world time and the entire goal goal.

When you bet on a player like him to score, his shot went just wide of the left post. On the touchline, Pep went into full Basil Fawlty mode.

81 minutes: Hoibel retreated into his own penalty area and the ball completely missed. The ball rolled towards Bernardo Silva, and Bernardo Silva’s low shot was insufficient. Vicario saved easily.

80 minutes: Nothing came of the set piece and the game went into the final 10 minutes, plus the play-offs. If no goal is scored before the final whistle, a replay will take place at the Etihad Stadium.

79 minutes: Christian Romero curled the ball away from Kevin De Bruyne on the touchline, conceding a corner but immediately suffering cramps. He will survive.

77 minutes: Oliver Skipp beat Kyle Walker on the right and crossed in early. No one in a Spurs shirt could catch his low shot.

74 minutes: I think Pep Guardiola was booked for sarcastically clapping at the referee, who penalized Kevin De Bruyne because two players were fighting for the ball towards the touchline. De Bruyne delivered what looked like a fair shoulder charge on Mickey van de Veen.

73 minutes: Spurs double substitutions: James Maddison and Oliver Skipp replace Brennan Johnson and Rodrigo Bentancur.

Madison joins the fight. Photo: Catherine Ewell/Getty Images

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72 minutes: As Spurs struck again, another run by Werner behind Kyle Walker went unnoticed or unnoticed by his teammates. They need to get the ball to him, preferably as quickly as possible. The man almost certainly noticed these runs from his spot on the bench…

70 minutes: After Kovacic’s outstanding performance, Doku and De Bruyne connected on the inside left. Sliding to prevent the ball going wide, De Bruyne chipped his cross high.

De Bruyne gave instructions to his teammates. Photo: David Klein/Reuters

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66 minutes: Phil Foden’s pass to Kevin De Bruyne took a deflection and nearly caught Vicario, threatening to go over his head. Missed the goal.

66 minutes: Manchester City double substitution: Jeremy Doku and Kevin De Bruyne replace Oscar Bobb and Julian Alvarez.

64 minutes: Rodri was punished for a foul on Romero and Spurs were awarded another free kick about 40 yards from the City goal, but nothing came of it.

62 minutes: Tottenham Hotspur take a free kick on the left. Manchester City players lined up in front of their own penalty area and Pedro Polo fired the ball towards them, with Kovacic volleying to clear the ball. Polo’s passing was terrible.

61 minutes: Brennan Johnson fired a low cross into the Manchester City penalty area, which somehow escaped both Rodrigo Bentancur and Timo Werner. One ball. The pass was a little too far behind one man and in front of the other and a great opportunity was wasted.

59 minutes: Bernardo Silva was chopped down by Destiny Odoji, who was booked for a foul inside the Tottenham half. His foul on Mateo Kovacic was booked in the referee’s book and the Manchester City midfielder was booked not long ago for a foul on Tottenham’s left-back.

56 minutes: City were playing high and Timo Werner made several runs down the channel behind Kyle Walker, but his teammates seemed oblivious to his willingness or availability. This must be extremely frustrating for Tottenham’s new loanees.

54 minutes: Tottenham Hotspur appealed for a penalty after Kulusevski’s cross struck Ruben Dias in the shoulder/armpit. And quite rightly, referee Paul Tierney was unimpressed.

53 minutes: After Timo Werner passed the ball into his teammate’s path, Stefan Ortega sprinted across the goal line to prevent Brennan Johnson from lifting the ball over him.

Johnson acted with Ortega. Photo: Matthew Childs/Action Images/Reuters

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52 minutes: The second half started much like the first, with Tottenham seriously in trouble.

51 minutes: manchester city corner. Julian Alvarez’s poor pass to the near post was met by Rodrigo Bentancur’s header for another corner. The corner was also fired towards the near post, with Pedro Porro heading in from the front post.

48 minutes: Julian Alvarez had the ball at his mercy when he fired in a cross from Oscar Bobb from the left. Micky van de Ven turned around, stuck out a leg and somehow got enough of the ball to deflect it high. It looked like a terrible miss from Alvarez, but in reality the flying Dutchman The man defense was outstanding.

Van der Veen blocked Alvarez’s shot. Photo: David Klein/Reuters
A huge opportunity was missed due to the reaction of both players. Photo: David Klein/Reuters

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47 minutes: Vicario hit a seven-iron shot that sent Romero chasing down the right sideline, and the Spurs captain had to fight tooth and nail to keep the ball moving and move it downfield.

Second half: Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Manchester City

46 minutes: The game continued with no changes in personnel on both sides.

0 – Tottenham Hotspur failed to score in the first half of a home match for the first time since February 2020, also against Manchester City in the Premier League – which they eventually won 2-0. optimism.

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) January 26, 2024

Halftime: Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Manchester City

Referee Paul Tierney brought the first half to a close as both players left the field with the stalemate still in progress and Oscar Bobb’s goal disallowed, with City dominating possession figures but giving Guglielmo Vicario poses some problems.

At the other end of the pitch, Manchester City goalkeeper Stefan Ortega was little more than a mildly interested spectator as Spurs struggled to find the lethal pass after getting in behind the City full-backs.

45+5 minutes: City continued to press and probe on the edge of Tottenham’s penalty area, but with little success. It’s halftime now.

Hojbjerg competes with Foden for the ball. Photo: Dave Shopland/AP

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45+2 minutes: We would have six minutes of added time, much of which was disrupted by a breakdown in the match officials’ communications equipment. The game was played at breakneck speed, but City’s goal was disallowed and both sides had few scoring chances.

45+1 minutes: Oscar Bobb’s free kick flew into space from deep and pulled the ball back from the touchline to Foden. Manchester’s No. 47 volleyed the ball but failed to score. Vicario collection.

44 minutes: Pedro Porro advanced and moved in from the right in an attempt to pick up Richarlison’s run. A promising drive fizzled when Ruben Dias intercepted his pass.

40 minutes: Hojbjerg played an excellent pass from the inside left between defenders for Werner to chase. The German’s first pass to Richarlison was intercepted, and City broke through the frontcourt at lightning speed. Polo turned around and made a key interception, and Manchester City won a corner kick. They won another game when Ake’s near post shot was met by a Manchester City throw-in.

38 minutes: Timo Werner made a rare touch of the ball on the left sideline and immediately passed the ball back inside to Rodrigo Bentancur. The ball came back to Werner, who passed it to Pedro Porro.

36 minutes: Play eventually resumed with Tottenham Hotspur taking a free kick in the middle of their own half. The ball was passed back to Vicario, who quickly moved the ball upfield.

35 minutes: The game has not resumed yet. Please try turning it off and on again, lino.

32 minutes: Play was paused as one of referee Paul Tierney’s assistants received some IT help from a young woman who was performing some operational repairs on the power pack of his communications unit.

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