Tori Spelling praises JoJo Siwa despite rebranding criticism: ‘You’re amazing’

JoJo Siwa is a fan of Tori Spelling.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor gushed about the former “Dance Moms” star via her Instagram Story after the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday.

On a snap they took at the event on Monday, Spelling wrote, “And, this…we bonded over my kids and I love watching your journey as you kick butt!”

Tori Spelling praised JoJo Siwa for her head-turning rebranding after they caught up with the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards on Monday criticize. Getty Images for iHeartRadio
On Thursday, she posted a photo of them at the event on Instagram, writing: “Also, this…we are so close to my kids and I love watching your journey and you are playing great !” Instagram/@torispelling

The 50-year-old actress’s sweet message comes as Siwa, 20, faces sharp criticism for her ongoing transition from sparkling children’s idol to mature young adult.

Last week, she released a snippet of her new single “Karma,” which features expletives and cheeky lyrics like “I’m a bad girl, I did some bad stuff.” She also looks like Britney Spears Rocking a Nude Illusion Jumpsuit Its music video premiered Friday along with the full song.

for Her appearance on iHeartRadioShe wore a black, bedazzled mesh and fishnet jumpsuit that seemed to emulate the style of rock band Kiss. She styled her hair into a mohawk and added black shapes around her eyes, chin and chest.

The “Dance Moms” actor has been criticized for her recent transition from child star to adulthood. movie magic
Last week, she teased her upcoming single “Karma.” The song contains expletives and cryptic lyrics, calling her a “bad girl.” Getty Images for iHeartRadio
She’s also been experimenting with her style, and at this week’s iHeart Radio Awards she wore a bedazzled jumpsuit and black makeup that resembled the band Kiss. Getty Images for iHeartRadio

People question Siwa’s “funny yet sad” rebranding not just because of her new feel for style and music; Compare yourself to Miley Cyrus Transitioning into adulthood with 2013 album Bangerz.

“Someone please tell JoJo Siwa that to achieve the Miley Cyrus Benjets era, she actually needs to be talented enough for anyone to care,” one X user said ahead of the release of “Karma” lashed out.

“JoJo Siwa comparing herself to Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears has pissed me off all week,” complained a second.

Another angry X user wrote, “Jojo siwa needs to stop saying stupid things to promote the kind of song lazy Lady Gaga wants.”

Some fans were upset that she was comparing herself to Miley Cyrus, who made waves in 2013 with her energetic “Bangerz” album and matching persona . Jamie McCarthy
“Please someone tell JoJo Siwa that to achieve the Miley Cyrus Benjets era, she actually needs to be talented,” one X user lashed out. line graph

Despite the backlash on social media, Siwa seems confident in the direction he’s heading.

“People are afraid of what they don’t know” Siwa explained to E! News On the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. “Things can be scary to people. New things can be very, very scary.”

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“The reason I’m able to keep going and keep saying ‘Wait a minute, actually what I’m doing is right’ is because some of the most respected people in the world have come to me and said, ‘What? ‘ What you’re doing now is Very true. This is what the world needs and I’m learning from what you’re doing now,” she added.

However, Siwa did not let hatred defeat her. itjojosiwa/instagram
“People are afraid of what they don’t know,” Siwa explained to E! News on the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet. jojosiwa/instagram

Besides spelling, who Recently filed for divorce from Dean McDermott After 18 years of marriage, Siwa also Praise from Kiss rocker Gene Simmons.

“JoJo is cool. Anyone who doesn’t get it is jealous, period,” he told TMZ on Wednesday.

“Never be ordinary. Always be extraordinary. JoJo is extraordinary, and she looks cool.”

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