TikTok’s new favorite wife, Jett Puckett, loves his Pookie

If you spend a lot of time Tik Tok Lately, you’ve probably been like me: wandering the halls of my house mumbling in a monotone drawl, “Pukei looks really hot tonight.”

For that, you can thank a man named Jett Puckett. And, of course, his wife, Campbell, aka Pookie.

The TikTok account in question belongs to Campbell Puckett, and for the most part, it’s pretty healthy. Campbell and Jeter posted about their lives, with Jeter often hyping up his pookie.this is only the way Jeter hyped Campbell. He gushed about how stunning she looked, but also kept it monotone. It’s special and unforgettable.

For example, consider a video with over 6 million views. Just a couple checking out their outfits before heading into town. But the phrase “Pookie looks absolutely amazing” is perfectly expressed.

That’s pretty much the entire content of their page. Pookie dresses up and Jett compliments Pookie. There are also some restaurants, glitzy trips, and all the other stuff you typically see on couples’ social media pages.

But the account is popular because people seem to appreciate Jeter’s affection for his wife and The way he expressed it. The guy kept talking about how hot her outfit was. yes Very sweet. TikTok has fallen in love with Jeter and thinks he is the ultimate wife man.He appears to be a wealthy guy who loves doting on his wife on her TikTok account, which many people think That.

Many people on TikTok are posting about it. They imitate Jett, discuss Pookie, or lip-sync to messages in couples’ posts. Even ESPN host and country superstar Zach Bryan is getting involved.

Amid the virality, Campbell’s page has attracted 250,000 followers.Every once in a while, the Internet becomes obsessed with a couple—and of course, so does the Internet good wife person — so it makes sense that people would gravitate toward Pucketts. And Jeter, the star of the show, just has the most delightful way to say…well, just about anything.

so please join me reciting“Pookie looked really hot tonight.”

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