TikTok’s missing music is frustrating users

#SwiftTok is having a rough day.early Thursday, after universal music group and Tik Tok failed to reach agreement When UMG artists’ music is licensed on the app, the voices of these artists, including Taylor Swift, Drake and others, are silenced.

“Some of my most viewed videos are about Taylor Swift and have Taylor Swift songs in the background,” says Savannah Derulo, a Wordle influencer on TikTok and a Swiftie. “So, it’s very sad that they were muted because we put in all this work.”

Deullo noted that creators may switch to alternative versions of official songs or try to avoid copyrighted music altogether, but the mood on #SwiftTok remains grim.

“Half of my drafts are muted right now,” said Madeleine McRae, Swift fan and TikTok creator. While initially frustrated by the change, Macrae believes it could have a positive impact. While many ardent fans value the online community built through social media, some are also uncomfortable with flattening poetic songs into 60 songs. Meme number two. “Songs that Swifties normally control are not going to be TikTokized now,” she said.

It’s not just Swifties who are lacking music on TikTok.Olivia Rodrigo has posted multiple videos on her official account, one of which reads Over 50 million views, everything is quiet now.Likewise, Billie Eilish released a TikTok with UMG-licensed music to promote her album show message “This voice is not available.”

In recent years, UMG and other brands have developed marketing strategies around: Make the song popular TikTok Algorithm. Younger users see the platform as a great way to discover their next favorite song and build cool playlists. If TikTok and UMG don’t reach a new deal soon, the ban could drastically change the way artists tease new music and music. Connect with fans through social media.

Barney Hooper, TikTok’s global head of music communications, said in an email to WIRED that the change only affects UMG’s music, confirming that previously licensed music videos will remain muted until another deal is made.Deleting steps in a song Universal Music Publishing Group catalog, which will increase the number of affected artists.

As a result, UMG artists’ licensed music is currently gone from TikTok, but it’s still unclear what will happen to unofficial remixes and mashups as the catalog is removed from the platform. Viral sounds on TikTok are sometimes distorted versions of original songs, vocals often speed upand while some of those voices remained on the platform Thursday, they might not last long.

A well-known musician for nearly two decades, Swift’s popularity has soared in recent years.Her Eras tour was so big that it was capable of impact local economy Her performance watching her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, at an NFL game changed football ratings this season. Losing her music, along with that of Drake and others in UMG’s lineup, could change the fabric of TikTok itself.

Swift’s songs may no longer be all over the platform, but music is still central to the user experience of scrolling through TikTok. The disappearance of cascading clips from big artists might even usher in a new era on For You pages. “I think the silver lining is that smaller or independent artists can have a chance to become popular,” Macrae said.

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