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Adobe and TikTok announced today that TikTok’s artificial intelligence creative assistant is now available directly in Adobe Express.The two companies said the integration will Helping businesses and creators create and market content more effectively. Creative Assistant is now available globally in English as an add-on in Adobe Express for both free and premium users.

The Creative Assistant plug-in in Adobe Express is designed to reduce the time and effort required when creating content across different platforms. With AdAdobe Express, creators can access templates, Adobe Stock video clips, audio, stickers, and AdAdobe Express TikTok videos. With the new Creative Assistant add-on, creators will be able to access popular hashtags in Adobe Express. and AI-driven tools for TikTok insights. The Assistant can also brainstorm creative ideas and even write movie scripts.

The integration also allows businesses and creators to schedule and publish content directly to TikTok without leaving Adobe Express.

“The new Creative Assistant plug-in in Adobe Express reduces the time, effort and resources required to work across different platforms at every stage of the content ideation, creation and distribution process,” said Stacy Martinet, vice president of marketing strategy and communications at Adobe. statement. “We see great value in being the first to partner with TikTok Creative Assistant, combining our unique creative tools and their deep knowledge of global audiences and platforms to help produce content that delivers real business value to our clients ”.

First, you need to go to the Add-ons section in Adobe Express, find Creative Assistant and install it. Let’s say you’re a brand that wants to create a Valentine’s Day TikTok to promote a sale. You can browse the templates to find something you like. You can then check out the trending tags to see what kind of content is getting the most views, and enter tips into the Assistant to get some creative inspiration.

For example, you can ask your assistant to “Write a Valentine’s Day offer script for my plant store. 20% off all plants.” Following that prompt, you’ll get a suggested script to help you build your advertising approach. For example, the script will give you some suggestions for visuals or text that you can use in your ads.

Once you’re ready to publish, you can ask your assistant to add a compelling headline to your ad. You can then add the hashtag and post your ad.

“We’re excited to integrate Creative Assistant into AdAdobe Express and help businesses seamlessly create TikTok-first campaigns on the platform they know and love. The ability to ideate, create and publish all content in Express further empowers businesses of all sizes companies can scale for TikTok,” Sofia Hernadez, TikTok’s global head of marketing, said in a statement.

TikTok first launched Creative Assistant in September last year to help brands quickly create videos with the help of artificial intelligence. Integration with Adobe Express allows creators and brands to create and publish their content more efficiently in one place.

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