TikTok quietly removes tag views feature

TikTok is again facing backlash for removing the ability to display hashtag view counts on the social media platform. earliest reporter Washington postthe change is believed to have been made after critics said the app was being boosted Pro-Palestinian content.

As the report states, academic researchers are alarmed by the banning of hashtag views because they view it as an important tool for measuring viewing data to study the spread and trends of harmful content. postal said the researchers used viewership to measure the wide disparity between supporters of the two groups among TikTok users.

The change was made last month, but no announcement was made, according to a TikTok spokesperson. The spokesperson went on to say that changing the hashtag display from views to posts is “in line with industry standards” and that there are “alternative ways to research TikTok content.”

TikTok’s removal of the transparency tool isn’t surprising, as it follows a broader trend in the social media space. postal, X (formerly Twitter) and Yuan Over the past few years, both companies have restricted access to data for journalists and researchers, citing “privacy concerns” and “abuse.” Limit the functionality of its creative center Claiming it was aimed at advertisers, the researchers reached “inaccurate conclusions.”

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