The most noteworthy Dow stocks to watch in January 2024

this Dow Jones Industrial Average Stocks rose sharply in late December as stocks continued to rise. The most popular Dow Jones stocks to buy and watch in January 2024 are apple (AAPL), Merck (MRK), Amgen (AMGN), Microsoft (Microsoft Corporation) and visa (V).


In early January, there were clear winners and losers. The three best-performing blue chip stocks in 2023 are sales force (customer relationship management), Intel (International Trade Centre) and Microsoft, receiving 98%, 90% and 56% support respectively.

The three worst-performing Dow Jones stocks in 2023 are Walgreens Boots Alliance (world boxing association), Chevron (CVX) and Johnson & Johnson (Johnson & Johnson), decreased by 30%, 16% and 11% respectively.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq is up 43.4% in 2023, and the S&P 500 is up 24.2%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 13.7% in 2023.

What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

The company was founded in 1896 and owns 12 stocks Dow Jones Industrial Average It is one of the oldest stock market indexes. There are 30 Dow Jones stocks designed to serve as benchmarks for the U.S. stock market.Other major stock indexes include the technology-heavy Nasdaq and the S&P 500, an index of 500 of the largest companies in the United States.

The most noteworthy Dow Jones stocks

Company Name symbol Closing price 2023 results
apple (AAPL) 193.42 +48%
Intel (International Trade Centre) 41.92 +90%
Microsoft (Microsoft Corporation) 372.52 +56%
visa (V) 254.61 +25%
sales force (customer relationship management) 251.02 +98%
Source: IBD data as of December 29, 2023

Based on the current stock market rebound IBD Big Picture — Investors should pay attention to those that show strong relative strengthIf the Dow Jones Industrial Average can extend its recent gains, these companies could become market leaders again in 2024.

The most popular Dow Jones stocks to buy and watch in January 2024 include Amgen, Apple, Merck, Microsoft and Visa.

Stock Market ETF Strategies and Investment Methods

Dow leader: Apple stock

among Dow Jones Stocks inside Hao QiOn Tuesday, Apple shares fell 1.7% and remained near the bottom buying point of 199.62 points. The stock price is likely to fall below the key 50-day line.

arrive IBD inventory check, Apple stock display 91 points (the highest overall IBD rating is 99 points). Overall rating – A simple way to identify top growth stocks – is a combination of key fundamental and technical indicators that help investors measure a stock’s strength.

Merck Stock

Pharmaceutical giant Merck is trying to break through a buy point of 119.65 cups.

MRK fell 0.4% on Tuesday, just above its entry point.

Amgen Stock

Pharmaceutical giant Amgen remains above a 288.46 buy point after rising strongly in recent weeks.

AMGN shares fell 0.7% on Tuesday, maintaining their latest closing price.

Microsoft stock

Following its recent breakout, Microsoft stock broke above a flat bottom of 384.30, a buy point.

Shares fell 0.1% on Tuesday, but still broke through the 5% buy zone, peaking at 403.52. Microsoft’s earnings will be released after the market closes.

Visa shares hit new high

Payments leader Visa broke above a 250.06 buy point after breaking out in mid-November.

V shares rose 1.1% on Tuesday, hitting a new high.

hint: Before making an investment decision, be sure to check Current market conditionsand use IBD inventory check See if your stock has a good rating on the most important fundamental and technical criteria. For ongoing chart analysis and trading signals, check out the unique features, stock listings and chart notes: market smith, Ranking list and swing trader.

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