The most exciting (and impressive) reveal from the PlayStation State of Play livestream

The State of Play live broadcast in January 2024 was generally good. There are several cool-looking games, most of which are set to launch in 2024. Some of these will be launching in the next few months, which is great.However, almost none of it is actually new.Almost everything shown has been previously announced.

Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t moments of genuine excitement (and onlookers’ disbelief).

Exciting: diver dave X Godzilla

diver dave is a quirky little standalone scuba simulator that grabbed people’s attention back in 2023, mostly on PC. As part of the State of Play livestream, Sony announced that the game will be coming to PS5 in April.

That’s all well and good, but the really exciting part of the announcement is the reveal: Godzilla The DLC will launch in May. It’s free and features Godzilla. That’s all we need to know.

Exciting: Sonic

year 2011 Sonic Generations is one of the few 3D works Sonic A fun game to play.It’s a charming retro adventure Sonic The game has its fair share of good and bad moments, not to mention some great music to accompany it.

Sonic It looks to be mostly a remaster of the game, but with a twist: bundled in this new pack is a new campaign starring Shadow the Hedgehog.This is no doubt intended to borrow from Shadow’s appearance in the upcoming third game Sonic the Hedgehog movie, but hey, gamers of a certain age are on Sonic Adventure 2 Would appreciate this.

Exciting: Death Stranding 2: On the Beach

I don’t even know where to start.

2019 death stranding used to be, in our words, a masterpiece. It’s a uniquely lonely game about helping others and being helped, the kind of eccentric creator generosity that Hideo Kojima usually imbues his games with. The sequel takes an expanded look at the state of the game, and all you need to know is that it stars a man in clown makeup firing electricity at cyber samurai with a guitar.

Just watch the trailer.

Wonderful: Island Mystery Game

Sony ended the live broadcast with a “surprise” from Kojima himself.However, he didn’t just show up and speak death strandingInstead, he announced that he was developing a completely original “spy action” game for the PlayStation. It didn’t get a title or trailer. Heck, it doesn’t get any other real information at all.

But it doesn’t matter. “Espionage” was a famous part of the original tagline Metal Gear Solid.You can read this article as Kojima Productions’ new Metal Gear If not in name, then in spirit. This is really exciting.

impressive: silent hill 2 remake

Finally, and unfortunately least of all, is the upcoming remake silent hill 2The groundbreaking 2001 horror classic is widely regarded as one of the best video games of all time, and publisher Konami’s mismanagement of the series over the past 15 years or so has turned many fans off.

remake SH2 should have fans excited, but the gameplay trailer shown during State of Play may have raised more questions than answers. Simply put, the trailer sells the game as an action-packed third-person shooter.If you haven’t played the original yet silent hill 2, this… is not that. It’s a chilling psychological exploration of mental illness and abuse.

Maybe the remake has those things too. But we didn’t see it in the trailer, so all we can do is judge what we’re shown.

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