The latest iOS beta version makes using Apple Cash more convenient

iOS 17.4 beta lets iPhone users generate virtual card numbers for Apple Cash, Report 9 to 5quote User reports on Reddit With a virtual card number, iPhone users can pay with Apple Cash even if Apple Pay is unavailable, eliminating a major limitation of Apple’s built-in Venmo-like services.

I also saw this option in 17.4 beta, but 9 to 5 Note that it may not be rolled out to every beta user yet. It’s easy to check if you have it, though. Simply open the Wallet app, tap your Apple Cash card, and look for a message under Balance inviting you to set up a virtual card number – the process is very simple and consists of two steps.

Setting up an Apple Cash virtual card number is easy.
Screenshot: Wes Davis/The Verge

After you create your number, you can click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner to view your newly generated card information, which includes the expiration date and three-digit security code. Apple Cash still appears to use a separate card number for Apple Pay transactions – now when you click “Other Card Numbers,” it’s another menu further down the card number information screen. After setting the function,

This is a nice change for regular Apple Cash users, because despite Apple Pay’s widespread adoption, there are still many places that don’t support it. Now, users can automatically fill in their Apple Cash card numbers without having to deal with transfers. Banks charge a small fee when users choose the instant transfer option instead of the free 1-3 business day transfer option.

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