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‘The Jinx – Part 2’ Trailer Teases ‘Surprises and Surprises’ in Sequel HBO Doc

HBO’s first trailer “The Jinx – Part 2” It promises “surprises and surprises.” At least, that’s what a segment on incarcerated Robert Durst says in a first look at the upcoming six-part documentary series.

Part Two will premiere on HBO on April 21 at 10pm ET/PT. The series is also available to watch on Max.

2015, Andrew Jarecki’s The Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst forever changed the true crime landscape and captured the world’s attention in the process. The original six-episode miniseries follows a series of suspicious deaths of real estate heir Durst. he.

These include the unsolved disappearance of his wife Kathy in 1982, the murder of writer Susan Berman in 2000 and the dismemberment of Durst’s neighbor Maurice Black in 2001. In most documentaries, these cases seem destined to become the most realistic crimes. Documentary: There’s a lot of speculation but no concrete answers.

That remained the case until HBO released the final episode. During a bathroom break, Durst didn’t realize he was still wearing a microphone. The five words he uttered while muttering to himself – “Kill them all, of course” – led to a series of trials, Durst’s arrest and the pursuit of justice for his apparent victims.

“Part 2” follows the producers of the original “Jinx” films over the next eight years, focusing on never-before-seen hidden material, Durst’s jailhouse phone calls and the investigation into witnesses who have not come forward before. interview.

“The Jinx – Part 2” is a hit production from HBO Documentary Films. Jarecki returns as director. Jarecki, Zach Stewart-Pontier and Kyle Martin serve as executive producers on the series. Charlotte Kaufman and Sam Neave also serve as executive producers of the show. , Richard Hankin and Susan Lazarus serve as producers on the project. Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller and Sarah Rodriguez executive produce the documentary series for HBO.

“The Jinx” is currently available to stream on Max.

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