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The It List: Rebel Wilson Releases Candid Memoir, New Episode of ‘Quiet Set’ Delves Deep into Nickelodeon, ‘Vanderpump Villa’ Is Ready to Move In

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New this week: Rebel Wilson details her ups and downs in new memoir, mary and george Seduced into high society, Andrew Scott becomes Ripley.

What to see

Derek Bell and Dan Schneider.

actor drake bell and drake and josh Creator Dan Schneider, photographed in 2008. (Charley Gallay/WireImage)

📺 new Quiet on set Episode delves into Nickelodeon’s toxicity

  • when: Quiet on set: The dark side of children’s television Bonus episode “Breaking the Silence” airs April 7 on Investigation Discovery (ID) and live on Max.

  • What to know: Soledad O’Brien hosts this episode, which further explores the culture of Dan Schneider’s hit show on Nickelodeon.

  • Derek Bell, who Documentary series revealed In a new interview, he said he was the unidentified minor who was previously sexually assaulted by conversation coach Brian Peck.

  • There are new interviews all this Giovanni Samuels and Brian Christopher Hearn. all this Sean Lyons speaks publicly for the first time.

  • Snyder launched the careers of many successful child stars, including Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears, Ariana Grande and Miranda Cosgrove.

  • What is of interest is which of them, if any, will speak publicly about the allegations.

  • Schneider apologizes The documentary was criticized for creating a toxic work environment after it aired in March.

  • The TV producer, who left Nickelodeon in 2018, said the network’s investigation found no wrongdoing. — Suzy Byrne, entertainment reporter

  • read more: Quiet on set Director Wants Amanda Bynes to Share Her Nickelodeon Experience One day, “in her own words.”

📺 mary and george Come for the crown

  • when: mary and george Premieres April 5 on Starz and the Starz app.

  • What to know: Mary (Julianne Moore) pressures her son George (Nicholas Galitzin) to use his beauty to win the favor of King James I (Tony Curran).

  • This is (loosely) based on a true storybut cranked up to 11 with the drama and debauchery.

  • “There was a need and greed about her that was astounding,” Moore told New York Times About her character. “She tore lives and people apart.”

  • The show has been airing in the UK for a month, rave reviews.

  • Galitzine was aware of the hype and responded to the show’s buzz in the UK on X (formerly Twitter) Shameless one-word post.— Kelsey Weekman, Internet culture reporter

What to read

The cover of Rebel Wilson's memoir Rebel Rising.The cover of Rebel Wilson's memoir Rebel Rising.

Rebellious Wilson on the cover of her memoir, Rise of rebels(Illustration: Yahoo News; Photo: Simon & Schuster)

📚 Rebel Wilson opens up in deeply personal memoir

  • when: Rise of rebels Available for purchase April 2nd.

  • What to know: Wilson, 44, opened up about a range of topics including fertility struggles, lose virginity Sacha Baron Cohen, 35, alleges harassment on set in her new memoir.

  • If the excerpt is any indication, pitch perfect The star seemed to show no mercy.

  • She said the shooting was in 2011 bridesmaid “The loneliest years of my life.”

  • Filmed in 2016 grimsby brothersWilson claims co-star Baron Cohen humiliated her urge her to perform Lewd behavior in the scene.

  • this Borat Star Deny the accusation before the book is released.

  • Wilson also delves into her romance with fiancée Ramona Agruma and their path to parenthood. David Atavia, entertainment reporter

  • read more: The biggest bombshell Excerpted from Rebel Wilson’s new memoir

📚 here we go again Taking readers on a journey of queer love

  • when: here we go again Available for purchase April 2nd.

  • What to know: here we go again is a queer romance novel written by Alison Cochrun, known for her previous work charm offensive and kiss her once for me.

  • The novel centers on Logan Maletis and Rosemary Hale, two childhood best friends who had a serious falling out before high school and became mortal enemies.

  • After graduation, they didn’t speak for more than ten years.

  • They are brought back together by their beloved former English teacher, who only has months to live.

  • He asks Maledis and Hale, now in their 30s, to take him on a cross-country road trip, leading the pair to confront not only where they are in their own lives, but also what happened years ago and how they feel. . Things have changed since then. —— Lily Herman Yodel Corresponding author

Gluttony for what?

Hannah Fauci, Lisa Vanderpump, Anthony Barr and Andre Mitchell.Hannah Fauci, Lisa Vanderpump, Anthony Barr and Andre Mitchell.

Hulu’s Hannah Fauci, Lisa Vanderpump, Anthony Barr and Andre Mitchell Vanderpump House. (Martin de Boer/Getty Images)

▶️ Villa Vanderpump opening

  • When: The first three episodes of “Vanderpump Villa” will air on Hulu on April 1.

  • What to know: real housewives of beverly hills Alum is no stranger to the hotel industry, with restaurants and bars located all over the world.

  • Now she’s trying her hand at being a property manager — and she clearly has her hands full.

  • The new series follows the stories of the servers, chefs, bartenders and other employees who live and work at Vanderpump.

  • The trailer promises plenty of hookups, disagreements, and beautiful scenery.

  • “Come for decadence” it makes fun“Stay and watch the show.”

  • think Vanderpump Rules meet below deck.— Taron Ryder, entertainment reporter

▶️ Ripley Bringing classic thrillers to life

  • Time: All eight episodes Ripley It airs on Netflix on April 4th.

  • What to know: Ripley Adapted from the 1955 bestseller the brilliant mr ripley Author: Patricia Highsmith.

  • It is best known for its 1999 film remake, starring Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law. Now it’s being adapted into a TV series.

  • This latest take on Highsmith’s novel stars Andrew Scott, best known for his work on “Highsmith.” shylock, london life and We are all strangers, in the diabolical titular character.

  • The play is set in 1960s New York, where Tom Ripley is hired by a wealthy man to convince his son to return home from Italy. This simple mission is quickly botched, leading Ripley into a life of crime, violence, and deceit.

  • The supporting cast includes Johnny Flynn, Dakota Fanning and John Malkovich. — Lily Herman Yodel Corresponding author

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