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Hi friends!Welcome to installer Article 25, Your Best Guide edge-The best thing in the world. (If you’re new here, welcome, we’re glad you found us, and, you can find us at installer front page.)

I’ve been watching this week Mr and Mrs Smith (awesome) and Argyll (This is not), read about The battle between technology and media, Fake ID cards created by artificial intelligenceand multi-billion dollar arenadebate Cancel Amazon Primeand try croutons Used to manage recipes and grocery lists.

I’ve also got you covered with Google’s new AI tools, a new social network, better Google Docs, a new weather app worth checking out, and more. Let’s dig a little deeper.

(As always, the best part installer It’s your ideas and techniques. What do you like now? What should other people like right now? Tell me everything: you know others you might like installerforward it to them and tell them Subscribe here.)


  • blue sky. Social Media Cool Kids Club Now Online open to everyone! As every website must do, when people poured in, it quickly fell apart in a bunch of big, fun ways. It’s still a fairly new service, but it has a lot of really smart ideas about social – I like the way it handles custom feeds and usernames in particular.
  • Google Gemini. Good news: Google hears your complaints installer Over-reliance on iOS-only apps and releasing the new Gemini app exclusively on Android. (In front of you, iOS.) Google’s AI chatbot also got a new name this week, and Google also released its new, supposedly more powerful model, Gemini Ultra, for the masses.
  • Why “shot on iPhone” ads look so good! The video moved so fast I had to check my settings to make sure I wasn’t accidentally using 2x. But it’s a great look at the state of camera gear, an interesting interview with a great filmmaker, and a life lesson: it’s more important to know your tools than to get “better” ones. Go deeper!
  • Ring Battery Doorbell Pro. Not the cheapest Ring doorbell, nor the most powerful, but this does look like the Goldilocks model – more accurate sensor, all the features you want, super easy to install.I agree My colleague Jennifer Pattison TooheyHowever: the basic ring look needs a redesign.
  • Craftsmanship. Craft would basically be Google Docs, if anyone at Google cared about making Google Docs better to use. This cute little note-taking app just got a bunch of really nice collaboration features that make it even more useful. Craft is still a bit fiddly for me, but it’s certainly a well-made app.
  • iCloud for Windows. It’s a big week for Windows users with iPhones! iCloud App There is a big update, Apple Music, and Apple TV are no longer in “Preview” mode, and everything will get better. The best news? You basically don’t have to use iTunes anymore.
  • vice president tokyo. This is an underrated show. I didn’t really get it at first, but it had a strong, unrelenting energy that fascinated me. Critics seem to think Season 2 is bigger and better, and I’m excited to get back into it.
  • Weather Channel App. You know I love weather apps, and TWC’s new app is a huge upgrade: it looks nicer, has lots of alerts and personalization (I’m currently very worried about UV index, not so much about air quality), and some nice function. News integration. It’s currently only available on iOS, though, and I still hate the icon. The icon must be fixed.
  • Tim Simons launches physical media fightback. From a very good podcast overall view, a nearly 90-minute discussion about Blu-ray organization, box set tips, what it means to own a movie, the changing entertainment industry, and more. As the proud owner of Total Zero DVDs, this makes me want to start collecting.
  • MGIE. Lest you think Apple is sitting on the sidelines of the generative AI revolution, this is some cool stuff: A model designed for image editing by describing images. “More blue!” “Move that thing over there!” “Make my face look less bad!” It’s not a real product yet, but it’s a cool idea.

Screen sharing

This is the 25th edition installer! It’s our silver anniversary. This newsletter is now available for rental cars. soon, installer will begin his quarter-life crisis.

First of all, thank you to everyone who read, subscribed and recommended the first 25 issues!This is very interesting and installerverse community has reduced my phone storage space and increased my screen time in all the best ways.

Secondly, it’s time to do something I plan to do every 25th issue, which is share my own home screen! installer’As the lead tester of new stuff, I’m constantly trying out new apps, new widgets, and new ways to use technology. So I thought I’d share its progress from time to time.

This is my home screen, as shown below:

Telephone: iPhone 15 Pro.

wallpaper: There is a photo of my wife and son on the lock screen and the same photo on the home screen is blurry. For some reason having two different photos feels aesthetically weird to me, but I also don’t like having one super visible wallpaper covering all the icons. So this basically works.

app: Google Maps, Day One, Weller, Readwise Reader, Unread, Sofa, Phone, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Camera.

My dock has the four categories of apps I use most, but the apps in there change based on what I’m testing or pretending will make my life better.Now, the messaging app is just Apple Newsthe note-taking app is Pay attention to the planthe calendar is mini (I just found out this week Thanks to Christopher Lawley), the browser is arc search.

I’m using it Icon Pack for Ruffsnap, my favorite! It doesn’t cover every app I use, so I had to repurpose some of the icons onto other apps; you’ll notice, for example, that this isn’t the Day One icon. But I like custom icons because they look good, and also because these shortcut bookmarks can’t have badges on them. The only apps allowed with badges are social, chat, and email apps in the Comms folder. (The content is news apps, games – things like that). )

This has been my home screen vibe for a few weeks now and it works great! But I’m already looking for a better calendar widget (why does everyone make such ugly calendar widgets?!), and I’m already looking longingly for another note-taking app. Please send help.


What’s this installer The community is going live this week. I also want to know how you are doing now!e-mail Or send a message +1 203-570-8663 with your suggestions for anything and everything, we’ll be featuring some of our favorites here every week.

“If you’re looking for a monitor that can display a calendar, I highly recommend checking out DAK board.Not just a calendar, but a lot of different stuff, and even cheaper: the monitor and Raspberry Pi cost less than $150. It’s worth spending $5 a month — it’s fun to build and integrates with many other services. ” – Doug

sky light marvelous. For my mom. Because it’s simple.For you, equip your space with the largest 720p TV or monitor, a Raspberry Pi, and use DAK board project. It will change your life. ” – Jeremy (Two DAKboard recommendations! Guess what I’m doing this weekend…)

Griselda! It was like every other NRC show I’ve seen, but the fact that everyone was Colombian and actually spoke Spanish added a lot to me. ” – Ema

“I’m late to the party, but it’s worth mentioning the “How do I get news” topic: WhatsApp channel! I discovered this feature about two months ago and have been using it every day since then. I follow certain channels that I like (New York Times, wall street journal, sports topics, even celebrity topics, etc.), their headlines would appear on the WhatsApp channel, and I would follow them just like a group chat with my friends. ”——Santiago

“I don’t know if it counts, but my friends and I were playing StarCraft2 again. It has co-ops, we just noticed. ”—Forrest

shining is a very good, customizable Mastodon client for iOS. It’s free to use, but there are reasonable upgrades.and Elk Also a great Twitter web app from Mastodon. ” – Harvey

“There is a series called ‘Not boring” A set of beautiful-looking apps with beautiful graphics and a stunning tactile feel.I particularly like weather app because fiddling with icons is awesome. ”—Arjun

“I received mock weekly “I use Ugmonk’s Christmas planner, which I’ve been using with Field Notes. I jot down meeting notes in Field Notes and put weekly key tasks/deadlines on the Analog Weekly planner.” –J

“I’ve been using a free iOS app called Screen Zen Taking back control of my phone usage. Best of all, it doesn’t just notify you of your usage at the end of the day, but helps you eliminate OCD by setting up a countdown screen before opening the app. Other app blockers do this too, but what’s special here is what it calls “pause groups,” so you can set different rules for different apps, websites, categories, and more. Combine these pause groups with focus modes and shortcuts, and you have something very powerful. ” – Zack

“How about it Libby app? I’ve been using it since 2017. It’s free, you only need a library card to use it, and I love that it has audiobooks. ” – Pooja

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The Super Bowl is this weekend, which means that I and about 100 million Americans will be glued to the television for about 14 straight hours on Sunday. Here’s a life hack: As always, most of the best Super Bowl ads are already online, So you can peruse them now Then use the in-game advertising time for activities such as taking a nap and refilling your cup.

Here’s a fun game: as you watch the ads, try to figure out which one Buy some celebrity suede Just like what all cryptocurrency advertising did a few years ago. Who will be taken to court over artificial intelligence advertising this year? I have some guesses.

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