The former WWE superstar returns after 737 days to help The Miz defeat Gunther?Check possibilities

The Miz will challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship at WWE Survivor Series.This A-lister earned the chance win A fatal four-way number one contender match on RAW on November 6, 2023.

It’s possible The Miz will get help from a former WWE Superstar at an upcoming premium live event. This person is John Morrison, who left WWE 737 days ago. The A-lister may be bringing back his former tag team partners who helped him win his ninth Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship.

That being said, Miz is play babyface Gunther’s heel gimmick on the eve of WWE Survivor Series. The build-up to the feud so far has seen the former WWE Champion being overwhelmed by The Empire in a three-on-one assault.

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Morrison’s return to help The Miz win the title from Gunther might be seen as a heel move by fans, and WWE may not want the challenger to turn heel just weeks after his babyface turn. Additionally, Morrison is currently signed to AEW, so his appearance at WWE Survivor Series while under contract with Tony Khan for the promotion may not happen.

Top Tag Team Will Help The Miz Fight Gunther at WWE Survivor Series?looking for clues

The last time he faced Gunther, Miz was outnumbered by the Empire. The A-list star left the ring after the attack, but not before meeting DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa), who had a match against the Creed Brothers.

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For those who don’t know, DIY is currently feuding with Imperium on RAW, and they may be helping the Miz even the odds in preparation for WWE Survivor Series. If Gargano and Ciampa try to interfere in the continental match, they might even take out Kaiser and Vinci in the PLE Championship.

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