The Democratic National Committee used artificial intelligence to generate a bizarre parody of a Laura Trump song

After RNC co-chair Lara Trump takes a detour from indie music to debut a highly auto-tuned trackEverything is possible“, Democrats replied Released three days early so that it won’t be treated as an awkward April Fool’s joke, the song is described as “a new AI-generated song about Lara Trump as RNC co-chair A tough start.”

you can listen hereMy advice, however, is that regardless of your politics, musical tastes, or thoughts on artificial intelligence, you are not in favor of doing anything else with your time.

In a statement, Harrison called Trump’s music career “embarrassing, unserious, and a waste of money” and praised the Democratic National Committee for “not investing as much time and money into producing our songs.” Making something embarrassing and unserious for people is still…making something embarrassing and unserious?

Furthermore, injecting generative AI during election season feels like opening a door that’s hard to close. Next time we consider the question of the appropriateness of using generative artificial intelligence in a political context, it might not end with a bad musical spoof and silly lyrics.

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