The deal to bring Sam Altman back to OpenAI has fallen apart

Sam Altman has returned as OpenAI CEO after his shocking firing, and after a weekend of negotiations, the company’s nonprofit board of directors has gone another route entirely, naming former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear as interim CEO. Shear will take over as CEO from Mira Murati. Aligned openly with Ultraman.The news was first reported in information.

If you look closely, that’s three CEO changes in three days.

Hill’s hiring appears to close door to Altman’s exit after he was fired on friday When the board said he was “not always candid in his communications.” As we reported on SaturdayThe board soon began discussing his return, amid pressure from investors and the threat of a massive employee strike.

On Saturday night, sources revealed edge The remaining board members missed a 5 p.m. PT deadline to resign and reinstate Altman and co-founder Greg Brockman, or face a flood of employee resignations.After the deadline passed, a large number of OpenAI employees started post their support Ultraman on social media.

Altman returned to the OpenAI offices this morning and said it would be “first and last timeHe wore a guest badge, suggesting he would either return to his role as CEO or never set foot in the building again.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, OpenAI‚Äôs popularity has skyrocketed.The company’s valuation report Sales have reached $80 billion to $90 billion in recent weeks.Earlier this month, Altman announced that the service had More than 100 million Weekly users.

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