The best smart shades, blinds and curtains

Internal or external installation: For the cleanest look, you should mount curtains or blinds to the window frame. Measure the depth and consider window handles or other objects that may collide with the curtains. Consider where you can drill holes for the mounting brackets and whether the location you choose can handle the weight of the curtains. Exterior-mounted curtains don’t look as good, but they are easier to install and completely cover the window to block out more light. Interior-mounted curtains always have small gaps through which light can enter. If you want a dark bedroom, combining built-in shades with curtains is the best option.

Materials and finishes: You can get shades and blinds in many different styles. Take your time to choose the materials and colors you want, and consider opacity. If you only want privacy shades for your living room facing the street, then choose some shades that will give you privacy. Lots of light coming through. If you want to save or block heat or reduce noise, a thicker shade can help. For the neatest look, it’s worth considering a valance that covers the top of the lampshade (most manufacturers offer the valance as an extra).

strength: Smart sunshades and modified smart blinds and curtains both require power.Most come with rechargeable batteries that can usually be charged on-site using a cable long enough (if you don’t have a closed outlet, use power bank). Some curtains use standard batteries that you can change or replace, but we recommend using rechargeable batteries. Small solar panels are another common option that can keep your curtains powered up, but you may not like the way they look from the outside. In any case, be sure to fully charge the battery before installation.

Connectivity: Most curtains come with a remote control. But to put smart features into smart curtains, you need a hub to which the curtains can be connected. This will allow you to control your curtains from your phone or using voice commands.Think about your current situation Smart home settings When you’re shopping for curtains, go for voice assistants to ensure compatibility. You can sometimes connect to your blinds via Bluetooth, but it’s unreliable, has little range, and is slow compared to Wi-Fi or Zigbee.

automation: The number one reason to buy smart shades is automation, so be sure to research the possibilities when shopping. While any smart shade can automatically open and close at set times, some can be adjusted to close at sunset and open at sunrise. You can also use motion sensors to trigger some curtains to open when you walk into the room in the morning, or to automatically close them when the room reaches a certain temperature. You may need some additional gadgets for more complex automation.

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