The best memes of Super Bowl 2024: Jason Kelce meets Ice Spice, Paramount+ glitches, and more.

While people may gather in front of television screens to watch the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl 58 Tonight, much of the discussion about commercials, on-field play, unexpected moments and celebrity appearances will take place online.

From fans who are looking forward to the possibility justin bieber Exterior Jason Kelce Chatting with Ice Spice, the night’s best memes and internet moments are on our radar, and we’ll explain them along the way.

Hope Justin Bieber makes a cameo

Fans have been talking about one potential emergence Justin Bieber sang at Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show. Arthur was Bieber’s mentor at the beginning of his career, and the two collaborated on the song “Somebody to Love” in 2010.Bieber’s guest appearance has yet to be confirmed – he’s Found in Las Vegas Keeping Up With the Kardashians—But Social Media user already joke about how they hope Go see the singer purple hoodie Just like he did in the 2000s.

Jason Kelce chats with him Taylor Swift and ice spice

Taylor Swift becomes boyfriend Travis KelceA big game, plenty of free time, and celebrity friends. A widely publicized photo shows Swift and fellow rapper Ice Spice, known for her bright orange afro, chatting with Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce. memes as a human being shared What are they imagine artist and football player Chatted.

Paramount+ glitch

Viewers watch the Super Bowl on Paramount+ joke about how they have trouble often with their feed pause and collapseuse memes to express their frustration.

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