The Amazon Echo Hub is the neat smart display I’ve always wanted

Widgets are one of my favorite features of the Echo Show devices, and I love that the Hub is entirely dedicated to them.mine Echo Show 8 ($150) won’t always show me my widget, and Echo Show 15 ($280) Great for small parts, but too big to fit anywhere. But the Echo Show is the perfect little screen to display my favorite widgets, the smart home controls I need, and access them without any barriers.

Photography: Nena Farrell

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Controlling your home is quick and easy with widgets and menus on the nearly always-on dashboard. The homepage is packed with information. While it’s not pretty, it’s easy on the eyes, simple to navigate, and easy to navigate through Hub-connected smart home devices.

In the side menu, you can click the Routines button to access routines you’ve created in the Alexa app and launch them. You can’t edit or create new routines on this page, so you’ll need to have the app handy if you want to make changes. Below is a list of rooms. My Echo Hub shows living room, office, and nursery because those are the three rooms I created in the Alexa app.

Finally there is a bottom menu where you can see entire categories of equipment such as lights, cameras, and plugs. You can click on these to see all the devices of that type at once; when I turned it on, I saw 10 different lights in my home on the general lighting option. But even without turning it on, that little menu shows the total number of lights on in my home, so it’s clear at a glance. Last in the menu list is the classic top-down menu, matching Echo Show devices. There you’ll find your device’s settings, alarms, brightness, and more.

nominal hub

Ironically, for a device called the Hub, there is no built-in smart home hub. You’ll find this in some Echo Shows, like the latest Showing 8 and Showing 10and no screen Echo (4th generation)but not this device.

Some products require a smart home hub to work and communicate with each other. Philips Hue lights have always required a hub, and smart security systems usually also have hubs and base stations. But there are fewer products that require a separate hub to work—Residential security system For example, there is a hub, but then a hubless set of products is offered.

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