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The 10 Best Romantic Comedies of the 2020s (So Far)

The 1980s gave us “Dirty Dancing,” “Sixteen Candles” and “When Harry Met Sally”. The 1990s gave us 10 Things I Hate About You, Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle and inabilityIn the 2000s we fell in love with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 27 Dresses, (500 Days of Summer, wedding planner There are many more captivating romantic comedies out there.In the 2010s, things got a little more complicated, with romantic comedies leaning more towards com aspects, sometimes even becoming a bit supernatural or sci-fi. That’s not to say there weren’t hit romantic comedies in the 2010s.We have no strings attached and friends with benefits Fiasco, driven by zombie craze warm bodies, A complete lineup Ryan Gosling vehicles and countless Netflix originals to watch (not to mention watch). But four years into the 2020s, I’m confident enough to say that I feel like we’re approaching another rom-com heyday.

No, I am not only Talking about Sydney Sweeney’s success Anyone but you. It feels like we’re finally recovering from the pain. Fifty Shades Trilogy Valentine’s Day movies do it, romance is back, baby!we got Meg Ryan returns to romantic comedy Late last year, a new Gina Rodriguez Netflix Movies Dropping on Valentine’s Day, Cole Sprouse Still Only Seen but Unheard in New Releases Lisa Frankensteinbut Ryan Gosling’s other car It will be released later this year.

So, to celebrate love, here’s a look back at the 10 best romantic comedies of the 2020s (so far, and mine View).

player (2024)

A New York sports writer uses her “script” to help her all-male best friends pick up women to pass the time.But when she meets a man, she wants to do more than Fraction Her entire game had to change.Starring Gina Rodriguez, Damon Wayans Jr., and Tom Ellis kissing booth Joel Courtney, Lisa Kirsch and saturday night live Ego Nwodim Dear players, will be streaming on Netflix this Valentine’s Day.

Watch on Netflix

what happens next (2023)

Meg Ryan, the queen of ’90s romantic comedies, returns to her kingdom What happens later. This quiet, reflective romantic comedy follows exes from two decades ago who are snowed in during an overnight stay at a small regional airport and passes the time by unraveling their past and present feelings. David Duchovny stars opposite Ryan. what happens nextwhich you can rent on Amazon.

Rent on Amazon

lost city (2022)

If a straightforward romantic comedy isn’t for you, try one starring Daniel Radcliffe as the Mad Millionaire and a few others. indiana jones Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum star as a reclusive writer and her cover model Space Case, who ends up living one of the adventures detailed in her romance novels. lost city, You can currently stream it on Paramount+.

Watch on Paramount+

fire island (2022)

another way to see pride and Prejudice AGAIN… Things heat up on Fire Island when a queer friend group’s annual summer trip takes an unexpected turn. Joel Kim Buster and Bowen Young star in “Fire Island” alongside Conrad Rico Mora, James Scully and Margaret Cho fire islandnow streaming on Hulu.

Watch on Hulu

I want you Back (2022)

When two strangers get dumped on the same day and bond over the breakup, they decide to team up to sabotage their exes’ new relationship. Charlie Day and Jenny Slate star alongside Gina Rodriguez, Scott Eastwood, Manny Jacinto, Clark Bacow and Mason Gooding.You can live stream funny and heart-warming content I want you Back on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch on Prime Video

to all boys Trilogy (2018-21)

Even though they technically started back in 2018, to all boys The trilogy typified the 2020s romantic comedy renaissance and the rise of rom-coms Jenny Han’s Teenage Romance EmpireLara Jean has always felt safer in her sister’s shadow, writing secret love letters to her crushes (including her sister’s boyfriend) rather than acting on her own feelings. But with her older sister leaving for college and her younger sister meddling in her love life, Lara Jean’s world is about to be turned upside down by the fantastic Peter Kavinsky (Enter: Noah Centineo). You can watch all three movies (and the spin-off, XO, Kitty) on Netflix.

Watch on Netflix

Hollidayt (2020)

A happily single woman and a happily single man team up every holiday season to become each other’s platonic dates and keep their families out of trouble. Apparently, romance ensued. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey star alongside Jack Manley, Jessica Capshaw, Andrew Bashler, Frances Fisher. , Manish Dayal and Kristin Chenoweth Hollidaytcurrently streaming on Netflix.

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Lovebirds (2020)

as he so lovingly builds upon serious illness (2017), Kumail Nanjiani could totally pull off a romantic comedy. Lovebirds (opposite the always amazing Issa Rae) He did. Like any classic romantic comedy, Lovebirds The chemistry between the two leads is great, there are a lot of amazing moments, and… murder?When a couple finds themselves trapped at the scene of a crime they didn’t commit, they need to clear their names and stay together along the way. You can stream Lovebirds on Netflix.

Watch on Netflix

Emma. (2020)

I believe you Can Revisiting Matthew Macfadyen’s The Hand Thing pride and Prejudice (2005), or you could give a Jane Austen adaptation another chance. Anya Taylor-Joy’s 2020 adaptation of Emma. Precocious and beautiful Emma navigates the high society of Regency England, eventually finding true love in the most unexpected of places. Johnny Flynn, Mia Goss, Bill Nighy and Callum Turner round out the cast. Emma. You can stream it now on Peacock.

watch on peacock

palm springs (2020)

Perhaps one of the most perfectly timed romantic comedies (in terms of release), palm springs It’s the 2020s groundhog day Desert chic aesthetic, Andy Samberg’s irresistible heart-shaped eyes and Cristin Milioti’s subtle sophistication. Sparks and existential thoughts fly when two wedding guests are caught in some kind of supernatural time loop. But is love enough to see this couple through this difficult time? Countless bridesmaids’ speeches?You can find out for yourself through the live broadcast palm springs On the gourd.

Watch on Hulu

bonus: set it (2018)

Although there is no Technically Set in the 2020s, this 2018 film really feels like a palette cleanser before the turn of the decade. Furthermore, I would venture to say that it was this romantic comedy that introduced Glen Powell to the type of starring role he was born to do. set it It tells the story of two burned-out assistant professionals in New York City who handle everything for their bosses, even love. Powell stars alongside Zoey Deutch, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs and Pete Davidson. set itcurrently streaming on Netflix.

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