Tekken fans beg developers to add Waffle House stage

Get ready for the next battle…at Waffle House. temporary, iron fist Fans on social media have been pestering Katsuhiro Haradalong time iron fist Producer, add a Waffle House battle stage. All posts seemed to be addressed to Harada, Finally he asked: “Why?” The final theme on X was a clever mix of American/Japanese cultural exchange, with fans explaining the deep lore of the Waffle House series and why it would be a fitting addition to the King of Tekken tournament.

Waffle House is a breakfast restaurant known for being always packed and always open; this is where you go at 2 a.m. when you’re drunk or hungry. And because it stayed open rain or shine, or worse, and served food to families and the drunken, it thrived and became known for hosting knockout, drag-out fights that often went viral on social media Go viral.In a famous clip, often used to illustrate why Waffle House is not a place for the faint of heart, a waffle house staff is seen Expertly deflecting chairs thrown at them by angry customers.

On Harada’s Space filled with fried, sugary snacks and combat techniques handled by dubious military-grade customer service reps.”

Waffle House is only good for two things: eating and fighting. iron fist With stages from around the world that correspond to the nationalities of the characters, Waffle House is a perfect fit for representing the United States.

Harada seemed to take the advice seriously, responding enthusiastically to many of the posts based on legal realities.

“Thank you for your explanation” he posted“I think you’re missing an important point, though. The restaurant owns the trademark and the rights to the restaurant, so if the chain’s headquarters refuses to accept my suggestion, that’s not going to happen.”

So while Harada may be getting the green light to feature the restaurant Anthony Bourdain once described “Better than the French Laundry,” The chances of that happening are slimmer than your chances of winning a fight with a Waffle House employee.

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