Team GB accused of ‘defacing’ Union Jack by turning it pink and purple for Paris Olympics

The £12.99 supporters’ flag replaces the traditional red, white and blue design with a new color scheme

The British Olympic Association is facing backlash after a range of different-coloured “Union Jack” flags were launched as an alternative to the traditional red, white and blue.

Shifting away from the plain, bold colors most associated with the British Olympic team, designers have introduced color options with squiggly lines and polka dots that incorporate pink and purple hues, hoping to “bring the iconic red, white and blue pushed furthest.” Do our best”.

In preparation for this summer’s matches, the flags will be available to fans from the official Team GB store for £12.99. Paris Olympics.

England’s record appearance record holder and former goalkeeper Peter Shilton condemned the move, saying “nothing is sacred”.

it follows the Changed the St. George’s Cross flag The Union Jack will “proudly” appear on the back of the collar of the England football shirt, which is due to be launched in the coming weeks, despite Team GB’s insistence.

They also said they had received “very positive public feedback” about the flag.

“Please be assured that the Union Jack will appear proudly on the PSG kit as usual,” a spokesman said. “This image will not replace the Union Jack, which we will proudly wear later this summer. “

The new Olympic design was labeled a “union joke” on the front page of The Sun on Tuesday. “I am completely opposed to any change to our flag,” Hilton told the newspaper.

“It feels like nothing is sacred in Britain right now. Our flag has had symbolic meaning for many years and should never change.”

Malcolm Farrow, director of the Flag Institute, also criticized. Farrow told The Sun: “People have every right to be unhappy with Team GB. They need to remember that brave people fought for this flag and died protecting it. To change it is simply wrong. Their insult.”

The different colors also appear on bunting, water bottles and towels sold to fans. Supporters can also purchase traditional red, white and blue products including flags and towels.

The flag change comes after the British Olympic Association hired Bath design firm Thisaway to boost interest in athletics beyond the Olympics to target younger audiences.

The designers said they updated the colors in a “flexible and ownable” way, arguing that there are still variations on red, white and blue.

“Rather than trying to transcend traditional colors, we decided to embrace them and promote the iconic red, white and blue as much as possible,” they said.

Red was removed from the design of Team GB’s London 2012 uniforms, before being restored for Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

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