Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter are dominating pop music. Their most high-profile supporters may be their famous boyfriends.

from Release new album start Ticketmaster – triggers crash A world tour featuring three of the most famous women in pop music— Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter and olivia rodrigo — is experiencing a career high.Crowds of Swifties, Carpenters and Lives – their respective fans – flocked to the stadium to watch their games critically acknowledge show.

Their biggest supporters are also their boyfriends.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, saltburn Star Barry Keoghan and Enola Holmes Actor Louis Partridge has become a trio of pop star boyfriends who actually make appearances for his girlfriend while on tour.

Kelce even joined Swift on the Kansas City leg of her “Eras Tour” in July 2023 before they started datingHe is known to have traveled around the world to cheer her on, including in Buenos Aires, Sydney, Australia and Singapore. Keoghan was first linked to Carpenter, the opening act on Swift’s Latin American, Australian and Asian tour, last December. 2023; He also appeared at all three shows of her “Eras Tour” in Singapore in March.Partridge made a public appearance with Rodrigo in October 2023 and has already appeared at several of her “Guts World Tour” shows across the U.S.

By attending shows again and again, recording performance clips, interacting with other concertgoers, and even wearing travel goodsthese boyfriends show they are fans, just like us.

What modern celebrities do

Catherine Taylora music journalist and author She’s a Badass: The Rock Women Who Shaped Feminismexplained that in the past, there was a tendency to ensure that all Pop stars, not just female stars, are “opening up” to the public romantically.

“The concern is that fans won’t pay as much attention to them if they can’t dream of dating them, so having a partner in a photo dashes those hopes. That practice seems to have died out recently.” However, Decades,” Taylor told Yahoo Entertainment.

While Kelce, Keoghan and Partridge aren’t the first celebrities to publicly support their significant other, their respective public expressions of admiration for their partners mark a rejection of social norms and traditional gender stereotypes, specifically In the context of celebrity relationships.

“In the past, in heterosexual relationships [a] Women being more successful may be seen as shaming men because of the conflict [with] The traditional concept of masculinity places men above women. ” Katrina Gakko, a doctoral researcher at the University of Tampere in Finland who specializes in the impact of reputation on relationships, tells Yahoo Entertainment. “Today, the concept of masculinity is less rigid and welcomes different types of masculinity that are not bound by traditional ‘manliness’ stereotypes.” It may also reflect that today’s male celebrities are more willing to show off to their superstar girlfriends Show public support. “

Social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram make it easier for people to see external expressions of admiration documented and circulated.

“Now that everyone has a video camera in their pocket, it’s easier to capture that support on film,” Michelle Ramsayassociate professor of women’s, gender and sexuality studies at Penn State University tells Yahoo Entertainment. “We can’t say for sure whether it’s new or not because much of what’s captured on film now wouldn’t be as disseminated as it could be today, or even 10 years ago.”

Taylor added: “It’s a relatively new thing that we can follow these couples through 24/7 media coverage – young people have grown up with social media, so they “People are more willing to disclose details about their lives than older people” across generations, so these relationships seem to be more salient because of this exposure. “

From “groupie” to “superstar”

Ramsay believes that the shift in “sexist, patriarchal culture” is largely due to the increased consumption of music by female artists.

In the case of Swift, Carpenter and Rodrigo, all three stars reached career milestones in 2024. In February, Swift became the first artist A four-time Grammy winner for Album of the Year, Carpenter won her first place Reached Top 40 Radio with the platinum hit song “Feather”.Earlier this month, Rodrigo’s debut album sour beat 8.5 million streams on Spotify.

Kakko added that pop music fandom has also historically been associated with female behavior. This may have discouraged men from openly identifying themselves as fans of female pop stars.

“Because pop music provides a tool for identity construction, the average male fan may be hesitant to openly express interest in pop stars. I believe that modern perceptions of masculinity are more important for men to express behaviors and characteristics that are traditionally considered feminine. Be inclusive,” she said.

“I can’t think of a time in history when women’s stories have been as central to our culture as they are now. Usually, we have a movie or two or a situation comedy centered on a woman’s life, but that’s not the norm.” Like Taylor Swift Artists like Swift tell stories of vulnerability and abuse on radio, television, film, stage and social media,” Ramsey said. Teaching Courses This fall, Penn State University hosted an event called “Taylor Swift, Gender and Communication.” “It’s groundbreaking, transforming the ‘female role’ in music from ‘groupie’ to ‘superstar’ on a scale we’ve never seen before.”

Assuming that all men are now more inclined to openly support their successful female sectors is just a generalization. Men like Kelsey, Keoghan and Partridge are all in their own right and have considerable amounts of money and power, and according to Ramsay, “giving them more freedom to follow their Act as you see fit.”

Take Kells for example, fourth highest salary NFL tight end, annual salary of $14.3 million.

“I hope that all men will aspire to achieve their goals of appearing, proudly, and loudly supporting their female partners and begin to demonstrate the emotional intelligence that some of these men have, but I do recognize that when men are not famous, powerful, or When you’re wealthy, “it’s harder to stand up against those traditional assumptions about masculinity,” she says. “It’s unfair to compare the privilege and status of celebrities to ordinary people.” “

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