Taylor Swift calls Ed Kelce ‘dad’ as she seeks out Travis after Chiefs vs. Ravens game

Taylor Swift is already a member of the Kelce family.

While celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs championship beat baltimore ravens The pop star was seen lovingly searching for her “dad,” Travis Kelce’s father Ed Kelce, on Sunday night.

As Swift walked on the field with Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce, the two women began searching the crowd for Ed and Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce.

“Where’s our daddy?” Swift, 34, asked Donna, then appeared to look behind her.

“We have dad, we have Jason,” the singer told the Kells family matriarch as they continued their search for 34-year-old Travis.

Taylor Swift was spotted looking for “daddy” Ed Kelce after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. jbreezy0057/TikTok
Swift and Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, were walking on the soccer field looking for Ed. jbreezy0057/TikTok

When a stadium employee tried to steer the two in one direction, Swift held on to Donna, telling the man, “I’d do what she did,” Videos posted to (formerly Twitter)

Despite getting separated from Jason and Ed on the field, the quartet Watch the AFC Champions League games together In the VIP suite.

Swift – who Wearing a red sweater, black miniskirt and boots -used to be The smile in the picture goes from ear to ear After the 17-10 win, she celebrated with a photo with her boyfriend’s parents and the Philadelphia Eagles center.

“Where’s our daddy?” she can be heard asking. Associated Press
Swift watched the game and celebrated the win with Kelce’s parents and his brother, Jason. Getty Images

In the sweet photo shared by her best friend Keleigh Sperry , the blonde beauty put an arm around Ed as they both flashed big smiles for the camera.However, Jason seemed to turn around Give Brittany Mahomes a high five Just as the photo was taken.

Band finally heads to awards show, Swift Meet Travis.

Please pay attention to Page Six’s coverage of Super Bowl 58

After the reunion, she Kissed NFL star passionately Despite being surrounded by cameras.

The couple – who Start dating in July -When they hug, they can’t keep their hands off each other Lots of kisses shared.

The group then stormed the court and met with Travis. Getty Images
The “Cruel Summer” singer and NFL star shared a few sweet kisses on the field. Getty Images

Footage of the emotional moment shows Travis, who Swift was seen in tears, greet his heroine with love “What’s wrong, honey?”

“How about that?” he asked her between kisses.

As Swift made way for Travis to meet his parents, the NFL star made a point of wrapping an arm around the singer’s back to keep her close.

When they parted ways, the two seemed Exchange “I love you” before the singer was escorted off the football field.

Travis seemingly gave Swift his division title hat-trick. Ali Jones/Instagram
Swift was joined by Travis’ friends and family to celebrate the win with Cara Delevigne and Keleigh Sperry. Ali Jones/Instagram

The group appeared to take the party back to their suite, where Swift was photographed Shake Travis’ conference championship hat.

The footballer’s childhood best friend Aric Jones shared a photo of the songstress wearing a black hat his Instagram on Monday.

In another photo shared by Sperry, she was seen wearing the keepsakes. In the video, Swift looks happy as she squats on the ground next to Jones, Sperry, Cara Delevingne, Travis’ parents and many other friends.

“Cruel Summer Singer” paired with a chief hat Pair with other vibrant accessoriesFor example Her “87” jersey ring and “TNT” bracelet ——”Taylor & Travis” of course.

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